The word "Social" derives from the Latin word socii ("allies"). It is particularly derived from the Italian Socii states, historical allies of the Roman Republic (although they rebelled against Rome in the Social War of 91-88 BC).

The term ‘social’ is not strictly defined. There are, however, a number of descriptions of the application of the term. Attitudes, orientations, or behaviors which take the interests, intentions, or needs of other people into account are commonly recognized as social.

The most common use of the term social is in politics. In left-wing circles it is often used to imply a liberal characteristic, while in right-wing circles it is generally used to imply a conservative characteristic.

It is also used to round an already established term e.g. social realism, social justice, social constructivism, social psychology, social anarchism and social capital. Other uses of the term relate to the society or its structure.

There are different theories about social occurrences. One of them is provided by Karl Marx, stating that human beings are intrinsically, necessarily and by definition social beings who, beyond being "gregarious creatures", cannot survive and meet their needs other than through social co-operation and association.

Contemporary use of the term is referred to the redistributive policies of the government which aim to apply resources in the public interest.

The documentaries and video materials compiled in this category are concerned with all of the above mentioned social occurrences.

“The Collective Evolution 2” is a documentary focused on showing each of the dimensions to the experience we call life. The documentary does this by addressing the issue of who exactly we all are, and why we are here.

Robert Peston tells us how some of the rich people came to posses their enormous wealth. He also explains the connection between the economic crises, the rich and us commoners.

Mara Salvatrucha or MS13 is one of the most dangerous gang in the United States. Follow their story, from the early days to their bloody rise to power. It is considered to be one of the most widespread and violent criminal organizations.

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¿Que Será del Caribe?
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"This short documentary focuses around ATEC, an organization in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, that works to connect tourists with locals working in the industry. These locals are very ...

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[Anonymous] “We Are Legion – The Story of the Hacktivists” [2012]
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"Hackers take on the big boys… Anonymous nameless faces have a major impact on how the internet is used and wish to show that they wish the freedom of speech, specifically on the...

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  • 3 years ago
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