The Female Orgasm Explained

Apr 9, 2024 | Social, Videos

The female orgasm is still something of an enigma, even in the modern age. Many people – both men and women – fail to understand it in any meaningful way. This lack of knowledge is the focus of the documentary ‘Unraveling The Female Orgasm’, which explores the idea of female sexual pleasure and how far we have come since the sexual revolution of the 1970s.

The documentary looks at how women have had to fight for their right to pleasure, highlighting the fact that many women only experienced a full orgasm through masturbation. Despite this progress, there is still a disconnect between what we know intellectually about female sexuality and what most of us are taught through cultural conditioning. However, with more accurate information becoming available, many believe that we can bridge this gap and begin to understand female sexuality on a deeper level.

This film was made by a team of experts in human sexuality who share their own experiences, as well as interviews with fellow researchers and practitioners. Through these conversations, viewers gain insight into how sex gives pleasure differently for men and women based on anatomy and physiology. The documentary also examines why so many women struggle to reach climax during intercourse compared to self-stimulation or partnered sex play with vibrators or other toys.

Ultimately, ‘Unraveling The Female Orgasm’ aims to destigmatize female sexuality and provide

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David B