The Best Documentaries About Sex

Jan 12, 2024 | Best Of, Sexuality

A vibrant exploration of an often overlooked and misunderstood realm, these ten documentaries shine a light on the fascinating world of sex. From its recreational and therapeutic uses to the outright shocking, these films provide compelling insight into the complexities of human sexuality. Whether you’re looking for a thought-provoking watch or just something to keep you entertained, this list has it all. So get out the popcorn and settle in for a wild ride through the best documentaries about sex. Enjoy!


1. Sex Next Door (2022)

Sex workers Endza, Cayenne, and Jessie offer clients a wide range of intimate encounters, from pleasurable to intense. Through these experiences, they offer a unique glimpse into their personal lives.





2. Rwanda: Sexual Pleasure and Controversy

When it comes to understanding gender balance in the world, Rwanda is an example for many. From politics to the bedroom, they strive towards ensuring both men and women are equal partners. One of their traditional practices is Kunyaza, a sexual practice that has been used for centuries to ensure female pleasure and even ejaculation. In this intimate setting, both genders empower one another to reach new heights of pleasure. Kunyaza is more than just a physical act – it’s a way for couples in Rwanda to take power from gender roles and create an equal, loving and ecstatic experience.


3. Lifelong love – Sex and age

The absence of sexual intimacy can be a source of great frustration in the long run, placing a burden on couples. But what factors contribute to this decline in desire? And how can it be reignited? In this insightful report by Tessa Clara Walther, we delve into the candid experiences of Dorothea and Wolfgang, a couple in their early 70s, who share how they revitalized their passion through tantra and erotic adventures. Additionally, we hear from Ute, a 65-year-old who discovered a renewed sense of desire in the company of a man thirty years her junior.


4. Sex Party Virgin: Looking For Love- Shot By You

Grace Campbell is ready to take the plunge and find true love. With the support of her closest friend Oenone, she embarks on a journey to explore a unique sexual experience at one of UK’s most popular sex parties. Despite having to face her Dad Alastair Campbell’s disapproval, Grace is determined to make this adventure happen. And who knows, maybe it will lead to finding the one she’s been looking for all this time.Will Grace be able to make it through her maiden sex party voyage with her head held high? Will Oenone be able to provide the moral support she needs? Join us as we set out on Grace’s quest and find out what lies ahead of this intriguing and daring journey.


5. The sexual revolution normalising big age gaps

Let’s celebrate mature women who are now getting their share of the spotlight. While men have traditionally pursued younger women without consequences, older females are now fighting for and achieving equal rights. They are often referred to as “cougars” for reasons that will become apparent. However, it’s important to note that cougars are not limited to celebrities like Demi Moore and Madonna. In fact, in 2009, more than a quarter of all Australian marriages were between older women and younger men. Additionally, there are many older single women who simply want to have fun, contributing to a genuine sexual revolution. As Karl Stefanovic discovered, these confident and independent cougars are out there, proudly embracing their desires.


6. The Truth About Working At A Brothel

Working at a brothel is not always the picture of glamor and luxury that one might imagine. In DNBD’s documentary, we explore what it’s really like to be employed in a sex industry job. Through interviews with current and former employees of various brothels around the world, we uncover stories of struggle, judgement, and joy. From the cultural stigma attached to these types of job, to the potential sex-related health risks and legal issues that can arise; our documentary film takes a deep dive into the realities of working in a brothel. We discuss the challenges faced by those employed in this unique field and examine how they’ve managed to make it work despite any obstacles.


7. India’s Child Sex Highway

In the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, there exists a notorious highway that serves as a haunting backdrop to a deeply distressing reality. Here, young girls as tender as 10 years old are tragically coerced into a life of prostitution, and shockingly, it is their own families who are responsible for this abhorrent trade. These girls belong to the Bachara tribe, an impoverished community known as Dalits, who face relentless discrimination and limited employment opportunities. Consequently, for generations, these young girls have been forced to provide for their families through the harrowing means of prostitution. This heartbreaking cycle perpetuates, highlighting the urgent need for intervention and support for these vulnerable individuals.


8. Beyond Fantasy – Ep 1: “Barely Legal”

One of the most popular categories in pornography is the “teen” genre, which often portrays young-looking girls. In scenes featuring pigtails, playgrounds, and teddy bears, adult men engage in sexual fantasies with performers who are at least 18 years old, but are made to appear and behave like children. This bold film raises a critical question to the creators of the porn industry: “Is it ethical to promote the fantasy of engaging in sexual activities with minors?” Their responses offer a unique glimpse into the essence of the porn industry.


9. Beyond Fantasy – Ep 2: “Unsafe Sex

After participating in a degrading public sex scene orchestrated by a prominent porn company, Cameron Bay, a porn performer, sadly announced that she had contracted HIV. In the eye-opening documentary “Unsafe Sex,” Cameron and numerous other industry performers shed light on the shocking lack of safety measures within the porn industry. The film delves into the industry’s complicity in endangering the lives of performers, who are intentionally kept in the dark about the risks they face until it’s too late. It serves as a vital exploration of an industry that leaves its performers vulnerable to incurable infections.


10. Beyond Fantasy – Ep 3: “Hardcore”

Hardcore delves deep into a thought-provoking exploration of a highly controversial and often misunderstood porn genre. This genre encompasses themes of choking, slapping, degradation, and even sexual assault fantasies. Through this enlightening documentary, viewers gain a unique perspective as it sheds light on the experiences of not only the porn producers and performers but also their honest discussions about the profound repercussions that arise from creating scenes depicting rape. These scenes, meticulously crafted for widespread consumption, raise important questions about the boundaries of sexual expression and the ethical implications within the adult film industry.


11. The Victorian’s Sex Lives: Why Everything You Think You Know Is Wrong

In her youth, Queen Victoria was attracted to pleasure, yet her advisers saw the potential in her championing the rising puritanical movement led by the Evangelicals. This strategic decision aimed to establish a fresh start for the monarchy, enabling her to transcend the tarnished reputation of her uncles. Queen Victoria was fortunate enough to find love in her prince, experiencing a passionate union built upon virtue and morality. The public were enthralled, and their marriage became an inspiring example for the entire nation. However, not all individuals enjoyed such marital bliss, as Victorians Uncovered reveals. Caroline Norton endured the torment of an abusive husband, yet the law prevented her from seeking a divorce. Novelist George Eliot, too, was unable to marry her beloved due to his existing marital obligations. How did these less fortunate women navigate their circumstances? And how did their experiences impact Queen Victoria’s popularity?


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