The 7 Best Documentaries About Madonna

Jan 21, 2024 | Best Of, Celebrities, Music

It’s no secret – Madonna has had a long and storied career, and her music has been the inspiration for many over the years. But have you ever wondered what it would be like to take an even deeper dive into her work? Well, look no further than these amazing documentaries about Madonna! From shocking revelations to never-before-seen footage, these films cover all aspects of Madonna’s life and career – and are sure to fascinate any fan of the Queen of Pop. So grab your popcorn, settle in, and prepare for an eye-opening look into the wild world of Madonna!

1. Madonna: The Making Of The Queen Of Pop (Full Documentary) | Amplified

From the early days of her career, Madonna has been a trendsetter and an innovator. With her groundbreaking music videos, boundary-pushing fashion choices and iconic stage performances, she’s become one of the most recognizable names in pop culture. Now fans can get a closer look at how Madonna created her legacy with the documentary “Madonna.


2. Madonna Documentary 2023 – Mer Girl

2023 brings a unique and never-seen-before look at the life of Madonna in Mer Girl. This documentary dives deep into Madonna’s roots and the influences that contributed to her impact as one of history’s most influential pop culture icons.From early beginnings to becoming an international star, Mer Girl captures intimate interviews with family, friends, colleagues, and even former.


3. Madonna: Secrets of her breakthrough hits – documentary

This documentary explores the secrets behind Madonna’s breakthrough hits which helped her become one of the biggest pop stars in the world. From humble beginnings, through to global fame and fortune, we will look at how she went from a struggling singer-songwriter to a household name. We will see interviews with artists and producers who worked on some of her hits, as well as archive.


4. Madonna – World of Madame X

If you’re looking for a deep dive into the world of Madonna, then look no further than the documentary “Madonna – World of Madame X”. This documentary explores the life and career of one of the world’s top pop stars. From her humble beginnings in Michigan to her rise as an international superstar, this film looks at all aspects of Madonna, from her music career.


5. Madonna Like a Virgin | Unauthorized Music Documentary

Explore the Madonna phenomenon with this music documentary. This unauthorized yet highly insightful look into the life and career of one of pop’s legendary icons is a must-see for fans of her and music lovers in general. Featuring interviews from critics, past collaborators, and even Madonna herself, this exploration provides an unbiased yet enlightening look at the artist that has shaped culture around the world.



MADONNA: THE REAL STORY DOCUMENTARY / 1990 / AN IN-DEPTH LOOK INTO THE ICON’S LIFEThis documentary delves deeply into the life of Madonna and her journey as an artist. From growing up in Michigan to becoming the Queen of Pop, this unauthorized biopic provides a rare look at one of the most influential female.


7. Madonna – MTV ROCKUMENTARY 1990

MTV Rockumentary 1990 – the definitive document of one artist’s creative journey. This rockumentary explores Madonna’s meteoric rise to fame, with unprecedented access into her world. From her early days as a street performer in Manhattan to her current reign as the Queen of Pop, we are privy to an intimate look at the inner workings of Madonna.


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