The 11 Best Documentaries About Rwanda

Sep 29, 2023 | Best Of, Disaster, Geography

Rwanda is a beautiful country with an incredible story deserving of further exploration. With its rich history and unique culture, it’s no wonder that some of the best documentary films have been made about Rwanda. From stories about the genocide to tales of resilience and recovery, there are plenty of fascinating stories to tell about this nation. We’ve collected some of the most powerful and moving documentaries about Rwanda that are sure to transport you to a different world.


1. Rwanda Rising: Development Story (Documentary)

Rwanda’s remarkable journey of development is captured in Rwanda Rising: Development Story, an NHK documentary that tells the story of how the country transformed itself. From conflict and civil war to a nation on the rise, discover the inspiring story of Rwanda’s progress as seen through the eyes of its citizens. From interviews with key political figures and everyday people to stunning visuals of the country’s natural beauty, this documentary captures the spirit of optimism and resilience as Rwandans strive to build a better future for themselves. Viewers are exposed to the determination that has driven Rwanda’s development, with stories from those who have achieved great success despite overwhelming odds.


2. This will Change your mind about Visiting Rwanda 🇷🇼

Visiting Rwanda is an unexpected adventure. It’s a country of rolling hills, stunning landscapes, and unending beauty – but more than that, it’s also the cleanest, most organized nation in Africa. From lush green fields to bustling city streets, you won’t find anywhere else like this unique destination. If you’re looking for a travel experience off the beaten path, Rwanda is the perfect place to go. It’s packed with cultural attractions and engaging activities that will keep you entertained throughout your stay. From exploring its rich history and vibrant culture to taking part in local festivities and events, there’s something for every traveler.


3. Rwanda: The Silence of Words

Rwanda: Breaking the Silence. This Documentary invites you on an incredible journey into one of the most important political stories of our time – the Rwandan Genocide. Through powerful and engaging films, subtitled in English, we will discover the turbulent history of Rwanda and explore how a nation has risen from tragedy to strive for peace and justice. Take a deep dive into Rwanda’s complex history, delve into the depths of human suffering and see how hope can come from even the darkest days. This is more than just a documentary; it’s an opportunity to bear witness and learn more about one of Africa’s most historic moments.

4. Ghosts of Rwanda

If one were to look closely at the Rwanda Genocide, it is essential to have actual Rwandans on the panel discussing it. Ghosts of Rwanda, a 2004 documentary directed by Greg Barker, brings this issue to light as it presents in-depth interviews with survivors and witnesses from both sides of the conflict. It features exclusive interviews with military experts and political leaders who were present during the horrific events that unfolded in 1994. The documentary also provides a glimpse into Rwanda’s long and complex history, while offering an incisive look at both sides of the story. It highlights the power of storytelling as it gives voice to victims who have been denied access to justice and healing for too long.


5. How healthcare technology saves lives in Rwanda – Founders Valley (2/3)

Healthcare in Rwanda is on the rise, with many people being able to access vital services that they wouldn’t have had before. However, there are still some gaps which need to be filled and a group of young entrepreneurs are taking action. With their innovative technologies, they’re aiming to bridge the gap between those who have access to healthcare services and those who don’t. Founders Valley, a project by the Rwandan Ministry of Health and partners from the private sector, is one such example. This organization has developed an app which connects people to health care providers and services.


6. Rwanda Genocide Special: 25 Years Later

25 years have passed since the Rwandan Genocide, yet its effects remain a powerful presence in the nation’s history. As Rwanda looks forward to building a brighter future, it is essential to understand how events of the past shape the country today. To examine this issue in greater depth, we explore special documentaries focusing on Rwanda’s past and present. These documentaries provide valuable insight into how the nation has moved forward from the tragedy, as well as how it is forging new relationships with its neighbours.


7. Rwanda: High Tech Made in Kigali

Rwanda’s next generation has a message for the world – hope, determination and resilience in the face of tragedy. 25 years after the genocide that left over 800,000 dead, their spirit is driving the country forward. Optimistic and entrepreneurial, this new generation is powering Rwanda’s economic engine with their ambition and innovative mindsets. They are determined to build a better future, and their unflinching will to succeed is inspiring us all. Rwanda is now in the 21st century, providing an example of how to rebuild from tragedy and create a brighter tomorrow. By turning their pain into progress, this new generation is showing us that nothing can stand in the way of determination and hope.


8. Inside Rwanda’s Genocide Jail (1995) | Foreign Correspondent

This gripping documentary from Foreign Correspondent gives viewers a look inside one of Rwanda’s most notorious prisons – the jail that held soldiers who committed genocide against their own people. Through interviews with survivors, accused perpetrators, and human rights advocates, we gain an understanding of what happened during this tragic period in Rwanda’s history. Survivors share stories of their experiences, while those accused give insight into the chaotic environment of the time. Through this lens, we gain an appreciation for the courage of those who continue to fight for justice and human rights in a country still reeling from its past. This powerful documentary offers an intimate look at how genocide can tear apart a nation – and how hope and resilience can bring it together again.


9. Paul Kagame: From Poor Refugee in Uganda to Rwanda’s Leader

Paul Kagame is a prominent figure in the international arena, especially because he has managed to build a prosperous and peaceful nation out of the ruins of its predecessor. He was born as a refugee in Uganda before eventually becoming Rwanda’s President, showing how far hard work and ambition can take you. His inspiring story of struggle and resilience has touched many people around the world, not only in Rwanda, but beyond. He has been instrumental in restoring security and stability to his home country and bringing the citizens of Rwanda together. His journey from humble refugee to leader of a new nation is one that will remain an inspiration for many years to come.


10. Rwanda genocide: Twenty-five years after the massacre | Reporters Plus

The 1994 Rwandan Genocide was one of the most devastating and terrifying atrocities in human history. Nearly one million people were killed between April and July that year. In this documentary, we take a closer look at what happened by hearing from witnesses and observers about the horrifying events that unfolded, uncovering some dark truths that have been kept hidden for decades.We will explore why the then French government seemingly turned a blind eye to the evidence of what was occurring in Rwanda, and if it allowed some perpetrators to go free. It’s an exploration into one of the most heartbreaking periods in human history and a powerful reminder of how we must never allow such atrocities to take place again.



KINYARWANDA – A Story of Human Resilience in the Midst of GenocideSet during the 1994 Rwandan genocide, KINYARWANDA provides a unique and complex depiction of human resilience. Drawing on accounts from survivors who took refuge at the Grand Mosque of Kigali and the madrassa of Nyanza, the film interweaves six different tales to form one grand narrative.The Mufti of Rwanda issued a fatwa at the time of the genocide, forbidding Muslims from participating in the killing of the Tutsi and other members of minority groups.

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