Merkaba Mysticism – What the Sacred Symbol Represents?

Jan 25, 2023 | Articles, Religion

Merkaba is a Hebrew word, mentioned 44 times in the Old Testament of the bible. It is a religious and mystical word. The Merkaba is located in the middle of the lower chest area. It is more visible from the front of the body. Many people, however, cannot see it. Why? Because it is part of the aura or energy field. It is not a physical part of the body.

Translated, Merkaba means light, spirit, and body in Hebrew. It denotes the harmonious activation of all of the three aspects. The shape of Merkaba is a three dimensional 8 pointed star made from two triangular pyramids. One points up, and the other points down. In Jewish mysticism and the Book of Ezekiel, Merkaba is a popular symbol.

You can also find the word in stories of ascents to the heavenly palaces and the Throne of God. Merkaba is present in other religions as well.

What is Merkaba?

The word Merkaba comes from the Hebrew Mer – Ka – Ba. It translates to light, spirit, and body. It is a star tetrahedron that exists within us. It is formed from two pyramids pointing in opposite directions. The two pyramids are locked together and spin in opposite direction. They remain independent of each other.

Before you activate it, the Merkaba lies inert. Without the spinning motion, these energies are unable to stretch to their full extent. That limits your potential for a spiritual connection.

The two pyramids represent the opposite but complimentary masculine and feminine energy. The interaction between the two sources is what gives Merkaba power.

Looking at the Merkaba symbol you can explain what the Merkaba really is:

  • Combines opposing energies in perfect balance, not just masculine and feminine, but Earth and Cosmos as well
  • The union results in activation of Light and Protection around your body
  • Reminds people of the potential power we have when we find balance

Who and How can Activate the Merkaba?

It is worth noting that the Merkaba cannot be activated by everyone. And you cannot simply activate it. It does not form around the bodies of most people. That is because they do not live a healthy life. And they have not fulfilled the other requirements. Some of them are:

  • Spending at least one or two hours daily doing the pushing down mental exercise, a traditional Hebrew practice of davening
  • Practicing excellent nutrition, as construction of the Merkaba requires a high level of physical health
  • Getting plenty of rest and sleep, a critical factor, and one must go to bed early and sleep 8 hours
  • Sexual restraint, one must hold on to one’s sexual fluids. The best way is to practice down sex, a form of sex when you do not lose much sexual fluids. Orgasm is not recommended, as it depletes the man’s and woman’s body of sexual fluids

Can you Activate Your Merkaba?

Nobody can activate the Merkaba for you. Simply put, you have to do it yourself. The process is quite simple if you follow the requirements for reaching a state of Merkaba.

Start by entering a meditative state. You can use crystals and essential oils to enhance the power of your mediation. Get into a comfortable position, close your eyes, and let your mind you are ready.

From there, you have to visualize your Merkaba. The masculine pyramid starts at the knees, and the point reaches the crown of the head. The feminine pyramid, points downwards, from the base at the shoulders and the point at the feet.

Start with breathing exercise and build up a circular rhythm of breathing. Raise your heart rate, and begin visualizing the two pyramids beginning to spin. The masculine spins clockwise, while the feminine spins counter-clockwise.

While breathing, feel the energy into the motion of your Merkaba. Visualize the field around your body, and how it expands bigger and bigger in shape.

Start focusing your attention on what you desire, and what your intensions are. Your Merkaba should work on your vision without any deviation.

Give thanks, and visualize your aura glowing around you as you are clear on your visualization. When you are done, ground yourself back into your body.

Uncomfortable symptoms

While the Merkaba is positive and can bring benefits to people, you might notice uncomfortable symptoms at the beginning.

For starters, you might feel intense sadness for no reason. The light will heal your past, but the healing process will make the sadness purge out. The sadness might become part of your daily life, but do not give in.

You will also have a hard time at work, especially if your work is not something you are passionate about.

A lot of people feel isolated at the beginning, because the Merkaba creates a new bond with yourself. You will feel isolated from other people.

And most importantly, you will get surges of thoughts. As you evolve your consciousness to higher dimensions, you will experience new thoughts in a form of big thought streams.

Spiritual significance

The most important significance is the beginning of the growth of the monad, or spiritual man or woman. This is another way to it is the beginning of the creator man or woman.

Many people do not realize that human beings can develop and change themselves. They can go from a purely physical creature into a creator. As this occurs, the person gains in health and happiness, which he or she spreads to others.

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