The 8 Best Documentaries About The Bible

Oct 30, 2023 | Best Of, Religion

The Bible is an incredibly powerful and important document, not just in the religious sense, but also as a historical record. Documentaries exploring the context of this ancient text can offer fascinating insight into how it has shaped our world today. From documentaries that explore Biblical themes to those looking at the lives of some of its most important figures, there are many intriguing stories to be told. Here are some of the best documentaries about the Bible that you can watch today! Dive in and explore these thought-provoking films, getting fascinating insight into a document that has shaped our lives and society for thousands of years.


1. History of the Bible – Who Wrote the Bible – Why It’s Reliable?

To many, the origins of the Bible can be confusing and unclear. But what lies beneath that surface is an incredibly powerful and complex story. The Bible is composed of ancient manuscripts with a connection to original texts from Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek sources. These sources have been precisely translated into modern-day versions such as the King James Version in order to make them more accessible to readers. The primary differences between today’s Bible translations are largely based on the interpretations of translators. They must consider each word and sentence from these original language sources, which makes understanding them quite challenging. But despite this difficulty, the power and depth of the Bible remains undiminished.


2. The Tower of Babel – Disrupting Humankind

A captivating documentary about the mysterious Tower of Babel from biblical accounts. Did this monumental structure really exist? Dive into this compelling film to uncover the answers and explore what could be behind one of the Bible’s most talked-about wonders. Follow along as researchers hunt for clues in hopes of determining whether or not the famed Tower actually existed – and if so, where? Prepare to be amazed by the facts and stories revealed in this remarkable documentary. This is only a taste of what awaits you in one of the most popular Bible documentaries around!


3. What The Bible Really Says About Angels

Many of us are familiar with the imagery associated with angels, but few have stopped to ask what these mystical creatures truly symbolize. The Angel Chronicles dives into this subject and provides unique insight into how our view of angels has shifted throughout history. From inspiring works of art to heavenly visions, explore the spiritual realm and discover a new appreciation for the angelic figures that have come to mean so much. Uncover the symbolism of these angelic deities and witness how they remain an integral part of our culture, even as our ideas about religion continue to evolve.


4. Sifting The Evidence: The World of the Bible (Parts 1 and 2)

The Bible is filled with incredible stories of faith, hope, and redemption. But how much of it can we trust as being historically accurate? Join host Dr. Chris Sinkinson on a journey to uncover the truth behind some of the Bible’s most important sites and stories. From the City of David to Capernaum, he’ll explore ancient ruins and discover what their remains can tell us about the accuracy of the Bible. This two-part documentary series will take you through the Holy Land, providing insight from a team of experts to connect stories from both Testaments with historical realities. Go on an adventure that reveals why we can be sure the Bible is based on actual events and characters.


5. Banned from the Bible – Full Documentary

The Bible is a vast and varied collection of writings that span many centuries, containing stories of faith, hope, and the human condition. It is one of the most influential books ever written, with countless authors contributing to its canon. Christianity regards certain texts as canonical while other faiths have their own unique collections. The Christian Old Testament overlaps with Jewish scripture known as the Tanakh and Greek Septuagint. These documents contain narratives, letters, and apocalyptic writings that tell of the struggles of early Christians. The New Testament is a collection of writing composed by these biblical authors in Koine Greek. Though all denominations consider these texts to be scripture, there are some disagreements about which Apocryphal works should be included.


6. Documentary National Geographic – Buried Secrets of the Bible Documentary – BBC Documentary History

From ancient times to modern day, the Bible has been a source of fascination and inspiration. National Geographic’s Buried Secrets of the Bible sheds light on some of its most mysterious passages and characters. Through cutting-edge archaeology, this documentary uncovers how these stories were handed down from generation to generation and explore their relevance today. From discovering what life was like for the ancient Israelites to uncovering clues about Jesus’s life and death, this documentary offers a captivating look at Biblical history.

7. Bible Genesis Documentary

Discover the incredible theory that Abraham, the beloved ancestor of Judaism, may have ties to Greek mythology. Journey with us as we explore a fascinating connection between the tale of Isaac and Phrixus. See how these storylines share a similar journey and uncover the secrets behind this possible link. Connecting these two faiths and discovering what makes them distinct is an extraordinary opportunity for believers and skeptics alike. Dive deep with us as we uncover the mysteries between these two cultures and explore what binds them together. This documentary will provide an insight into a fascinating crossroads of ancient history, examining the ways in which Abraham’s story may have influenced Greek mythology. Join us on this journey to unlock the secrets behind this enigmatic connection.

8. Secrets of the Bible

Are you curious about where the 10 Commandments originated? What path did Moses traverse to obtain them? To answer these questions, let’s take a journey back in time and explore the documentary films that provide unique insight into how this timeless set of laws were brought to life. From Hollywood classics like The Ten Commandments, staring Charlton Heston, to more contemporary releases like The Prince of Egypt, numerous movies have recounted this story over the years.

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