The 14 Best Documentaries About Christianity

Jul 7, 2023 | Best Of, Religion

Christians are people who strive to imitate Jesus Christ in their daily lives. They take on His values, live by His teachings, and strive to be like Him in all aspects of life. As a result, they often find themselves at the center of much discussion and debate about their beliefs and practices. To better understand Christianity, many turn to documentaries that offer an insight into what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ. Here is a list of 14 must-see documentaries about Christianity that will help you learn more about this faith tradition.


History of Christianity (2000)

Are you ready to embark on a journey through time, exploring the spread of Christianity and the influential figures who have shaped its history? Join us as we delve into pivotal events and captivating stories that have not only shaped Christian history, but also impacted the world as we know it. With exclusive footage and insightful interviews with leading experts, this documentary will provide a unique perspective on the journey of Christianity.



A History of Christianity (2009)

Intrigued by the origins of Christianity and what it truly means to be a Christian? Join renowned historian Diarmaid MacCulloch on an enlightening journey as he uncovers unexpected secrets about this ancient religion. From its humble beginnings to the evolution of beliefs surrounding God and Jesus, this BBC documentary series offers insight into the past while raising thought-provoking questions about the future of Christianity.



Who Wrote the New Testament? (2016)

Witness the origins of one of the most influential books in human history. Uncover the enigmatic stories behind its creation and interpretation, and discover how it shaped the world we know today. In this captivating documentary, journey through time as renowned scholars unravel the complexities surrounding this ancient text and its impact on humanity.






American Gospel: Christ Crucified (2019)

Discover the powerful, thought-provoking documentary “American Gospel: Christ Crucified” on Amazon Prime. Immerse yourself in a captivating exploration of how modern ideologies have distorted the true message of Christ’s sacrifice and the nature of God. Uncover the dangers of post-modernism and progressive Christianity as they steer us away from the transformative power of the gospel and towards a self-made version of God.





Secrets Of Christianity (2004)

Are you ready to dive into the hidden secrets of our past? Join award-winning journalist Simcha Jacobovici as he uncovers ancient mysteries that challenge everything we thought we knew about history.




The Secrets of the Dead Sea Scrolls (2013)

Uncovering ancient mysteries, challenging traditional beliefs, and offering a fresh perspective on the foundations of Judaism and Christianity – this thought-provoking documentary promises to take you on a journey like no other. Delve into the enigmatic world of the Dead Sea Scrolls, as we unravel their secrets and uncover their significance in today’s world.






Contradiction: A Question Of Faith (2015)

Why do Black neighborhoods have an abundance of churches, yet still struggle with poverty and powerlessness? Are these places of worship truly providing solutions or just empty promises? In this thought-provoking documentary, we dive deep into the contradiction between religious saturation and societal struggles.







The Best Free Christianity Documentaries


1.The Exodus Decoded

Are you interested in exploring the history of Christianity? Then look no further! This award-winning documentary from James Cameron dives deep into the Biblical Exodus, utilizing forensic archaeology, vulcanology, Old Testament research and more to uncover its mysteries. Follow along with Jacobovici as he traverses different disciplines and perspectives on this ancient event. Hear from renowned experts like James K. Hoffmeier of Trinity and Evangelical Divinity School who share their knowledge on Ancient Israel in Sinai. Learn about controversial theories and chronologies surrounding this important part of Christian history – all in one captivating documentary film!


2. Jesus Camp

Becky Fischer works at Kids on Fire, and through interviews with her as well as other participants and observers, Jesus Camp sheds light on a unique perspective of faith. We hear from one housewife and homeschooling mother who believes creationism holds all the answers, while footage from inside the camp shows young children weeping and wailing in promises to stop sinning. These scenes are contrasted with clipsThis documentary follows the journey of featuring young children as they attend Kids on Fire, a summer camp designed to a foster their evangelical Christianity. Through interviews with camp more leader Becky Fischer and others, we get an intimate look at the lives of these children and how their faith moderate shapes them. We also hear from a moderate Christian radio host who expresses his shock at the camp Christian’s intense methods. Jesus Camp raises many questions about radio whether these kids are being host brainwashed or simply taught to embrace who religious devotion in its purest form expresses. This film offers deep insight into one of America’s dismay most controversial religions and is essential viewing for anyone interested in learning more about Christianity.


3. Lee Strobel: The Case for Christ

Do you want to know if Jesus of Nazareth is truly the Son of God? In this documentary, we explore the evidence that sustains Lee Strobel’s investigation into this question. Through interviews with scholars and an in-depth look at historical records, archaeological finds, and psychiatric analysis, we make a case for Jesus’ divinity. Join us on our journey as we work to answer one of history’s greatest mysteries!


4. Life on the Island of Jesus – Christian Documentary

This documentary follows the life of Scott Campbell, a missionary pastor and church planter who had to face his own dark spiritual climate and struggles with depression. Through this story, we explore how God can bring transformation even out of brokenness. The film is narrated by Scott himself, as well as his wife Nancy and their grown children; all sharing their stories on how God has used complex journeys to shape them into His image over time. Watch “Life on the Island of Jesus” in this pilot movie from the proposed collection “Following Jesus: How God Transforms Us Over Time” to learn more!


5. Spirit and Truth

We were all created to worship God, and this documentary shows us why. In the film “Spirit & Truth”, viewers journey with John as he discovers what it truly means to be a worshipper of God. From understanding our place in His pasture, to learning how to serve Him through worship – this documentary will help you comprehend your true purpose and take steps towards living out that calling. Take time to observe this movie and explore the beauty of being chosen by God for a life of praise!


6. The Life of Jesus

This video brings you an exclusive look at the incredible life of Jesus Christ. Through interviews with renowned Biblical experts and theologians, it gives insights into his birth, death, and resurrection. You’ll also get to hear from those who knew him best–Mary Mother of Jesus, Caiaphas, Judas Iscariot, Pontius Pilate, Mary Magdalene and Peter–and explore their unique perspectives on his life. Plus learn about the cultural context in which Jesus lived. Don’t miss out on this amazing documentary that will take you through the story of perhaps the most famous man in history!


7. The God Who Speaks

Are you curious about the Bible’s authority and inspiration? The God Who Speaks is a feature-length documentary that dives deep into this concept. It explores the evidence of the Bible’s trustworthiness and examines common objections to its claims. Through interviews with some of evangelicalism’s most respected voices, viewers will be able to see how denying biblical authority can have serious consequences. Watch this video and discover why we should respond in a way worthy of our gracious God!


8. From Jesus to Christ

This documentary into the fascinating history of Christianity. From its humble beginnings in the reign of Emperor Augustus, to Jesus’ life and teachings that helped his ministry grow, to the bloody First Revolt which sparked a rift between Christianity and Judaism – this series explores it all! Through interviews with twelve experts—New Testament theologians, archaeologists, and historians—viewers will gain an understanding on how Jesus lived, why his message resonated with so many people across different cultures and languages, and how he left a lasting mark on our history. Don’t miss out on this epic story about the rise of Christianity!


9. The History of Christianity

Are you interested in learning more about Christianity? This video will take you on a journey through some of the best documentaries about this religion. From its origins to its current state, learn the teachings and history of Jesus of Nazareth and how it has become one of the most widely spread religions in the world. Discover why Oriental Orthodoxy was out of touch with Western Christianity for centuries, as well as other important details from churches like Roman Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox church buildings, and Protestant church buildings.


10. Evangelical Christians in the USA

The US is a nation of diverse beliefs, but few have had as big an impact on politics and culture as evangelical Christianity. This documentary takes an in-depth look at the core beliefs of America’s fundamentalist Christians – from their views on creation to their opposition to abortion, premarital sex and homosexuality. We visit Creation Museums and Christian theme parks like Noah’s Ark, explore the role that churches play in rural communities, and meet with paramilitary groups defending themselves against those they view as enemies. Discover what makes these religious convictions so powerful — watch now!


11. Why Christianity is Booming in Iran (Even Under the Islamic Regime)

For the past 40 years, religion and politics have been inextricably linked in Iran. As an Islamic Republic, Islam is not a choice for many of its citizens, but rather their birthright. This has led to a situation where people are unable to practice any other religion than Islam as it is seen as being intertwined with government rule. In this documentary we explore why this matters and how it affects those living within the country. We also look at how religious freedom can be achieved within such an environment and what steps need to be taken for progress to occur.


12. American Heretics

With powerful interviews and exclusive footage, American Heretics offers an urgent reminder that religious freedom is essential for the preservation of democracy in America. Audiences will also gain a deeper understanding of just how critical it is to protect our rights, fight for what’s right, and make sure that everybody has full access to the same civil liberties we all enjoy. This film illustrates that when faith is used as a source for social change—and when we use faith to bridge divides—we can come together to create a better world.


14. God Bless America

From pastor-preachers in the Deep South to progressive churches in San Francisco, this documentary provides an eye-opening look at the religious culture of America. We get a glimpse into different interpretations of Christianity and discover how people’s faith shapes their beliefs and actions. From debates on evolution to views on LGBTQ+ rights, we explore some of the hot button issues that have split the nation along religious lines. Alongside these discussions, we also witness acts of compassion as church members come together to help those in need during times of crisis.



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