The 13 Best Documentaries about Jesus Christ

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The life and teachings of Jesus Christ have impacted our world for centuries, from Christianity to Judaism. His birth, death, and resurrection are celebrated around the globe. But what do we really know about this influential figure? To help answer that question, here is a selection of documentaries about Jesus—from his childhood to his crucifixion—that will provide insight into the man behind one of history’s most powerful legacies. From exploring the temptations he faced in the desert to learning how Judas betrayed him and why Pontius Pilate condemned him, these films offer a unique journey through Jesus’ story as well as a deeper understanding of his message. So join us now on an enlightening exploration into some of the best documentaries about Jesus Christ!


The Real Jesus Christ (1999)

Join us on a journey through time as we uncover the lost biography of Jesus Christ, told by those who knew him best – his devoted followers and loving family. This is not your typical retelling of Christ’s life story, but rather an untold version that will leave you captivated and enlightened.





The Face of Jesus Christ (2019)

Discover the true face of Jesus Christ, as seen through the lens of Scripture and presented in a groundbreaking documentary. Explore the mystery and beauty of the visible image of the invisible Father, captured in stunning detail by renowned filmmakers. Click on the below button now to experience this powerful portrayal of our Savior like never before.





Jesus: The Evidence (2008)

Discover the truth about Jesus, a man whose life has captivated and inspired millions for centuries. Join 40 experts from various fields as they dive into the historical evidence surrounding His birth, miracles, teachings, and ultimately His death and resurrection. Through thought-provoking reenactments and insightful commentary, this documentary invites you to embark on a journey of discovery that will challenge your beliefs and leave you with a deeper understanding of the enduring impact of this enigmatic figure.





Investigating The Historical Jesus (2016)

Experience the incredible story of Jesus like never before in this captivating documentary. Immerse yourself in the rich history and culture as we travel through the real locations where Jesus walked and preached. With a talented cast and crew, this film promises to take you on a journey of faith that will leave a lasting impact on your heart.







The Best Free Documentaries About Jesus Christ


1. The Life of Jesus Movie

The life of Jesus Christ is a fascinating story, and since the time that it was first documented in John’s Gospel, many have sought to capture its beauty on-screen. One of the most impressive attempts at this feat has been The Life of Jesus Movie – an epic three-hour drama which seeks to bring viewers closer to understanding the divine nature of our Lord. In it, we see Christopher Plummer provide voiceover narration as Henry Ian Cusick plays Jesus himself, leading us through testimonies from disciples and miracles performed by him before culminating with his Last Supper followed by crucifixion and resurrection. This powerful film was even showcased at Toronto Film Festival 2003 – making it one of the best documentaries about Jesus Christ available today.


2. Mysteries of the Bible: The Lost Years of Jesus

Have you ever wondered what Jesus was doing during the “lost years” between his public ministry and death? Take a journey with us to uncover the mysteries of this time period. With an amazing team of historians, archaeologists, and archeologists on board, we are researching every detail about the world around Jesus at that time. Join us as we search for clues in history to paint a portrait of this fascinating period.


3. The Search for Jesus

The Search for Jesus is a documentary about the search for the historical Jesus that was led by German scholar William D. Mtiller. This film is a monumental effort because it combines both historical and modern methods of research and analysis. The result is an attempt to find the identity of Jesus with a level of accuracy that has never been achieved before.


4. Tibet and Persia, An Account Missing from the Bible

This Jesus documentary is an account of what the manuscripts have revealed about His journey. It tells a story of unusual discovery, providing insight into Jesus’ travels and teachings in India, Tibet, and Persia – three countries that are missing from the Biblical account. The film examines Russian explorer Nicholas Notovich’s 1894 book which claimed he had visited a Buddhist monastery where sacred texts spoke of Jesus’ journey before beginning his ministry in Palestine. Explore these fascinating revelations with us!


5. History Of Jesus Christ: Secret Story Of Jesus Christ

This video uncovers the hidden secrets of Jesus Christ. Unearth some ancient documents to learn more about his life and uncover what the Bible doesn’t tell us. Through this documentary, you’ll gain a better understanding of who Jesus was and why he is so important today. Get ready for an in-depth exploration into the history of Jesus Christ!


6. Jesus is Messiah

This documentary explores the life and death of Jesus Christ, reminding viewers about His ultimate message of forgiveness, hope, and love. It details how He demonstrated understanding and patience for all – even in the most miserable situation. The Passion of Jesus Christ is highlighted as well as His suffering for himself and us. This moving film will leave you with a renewed appreciation of what it means to embrace grace and mercy. Be sure to watch this incredible documentary about the Messiah!


7. The First Christians, Part One

This documentary series offers an eye-opening look into how Jesus’ life, death, and teachings shaped what we now know as Christianity. It follows the story of how early Christians wrote down Jesus’ life in gospels, exploring their martyrdom and conviction that created this major world religion. The series also examines how the Roman Empire and Judaism influenced Jesus’ life. Dive into this four-hour series to gain a deeper understanding of Christian origin through historical evidence!


8. The Unsolved Mysteries Of Jesus Christ : Secrets Of Christianity

Are you curious about the mysteries of Jesus Christ and Christianity? In this documentary, Simcha Jabocovici investigates three remarkable archaeological discoveries that challenge our understanding of Jesus and Christianity. Did another Messiah exist before Jesus? Were the genuine nails from the crucifixion discovered? Was half of Jesus’ ministry spent on a forgotten journey across the Mediterranean Sea? Watch this video to find out!


9. Historical Evidence That Jesus Christ Existed

Have you ever wondered if Jesus Christ actually existed? This documentary provides an in-depth look at the historical evidence that supports his existence. Through interviews and archival footage, we explore how different cultures have interpreted his life, death, and legacy throughout history. Viewers will leave with a better understanding of the compelling arguments for both sides of this age-old debate.


10. Scientists INVESTIGATE signs of Jesus Christ

Does Jesus Christ exist? In this documentary, Mike Willesee goes on a journey to investigate the supernatural events and skulduggery of the Church. From crying statues to miraculous signs, follow along as he uncovers evidence that could answer one of the most profound questions of all time. Hear from believers and skeptics alike in his search for Jesus Christ!


11. Jesus Tomb: Have We Discovered The Final Resting Place Of Christ?

Have we discovered the final resting place of Jesus Christ? This documentary follows a compelling case that the 2,000-year-old “Tomb of Ten Ossuaries” could be linked to the family of Jesus. Learn more about this mysterious discovery and uncover its implications for Christianity in this remarkable documentary.


12. Yeshua: Exploring the Jewish Roots of Jesus

Do you want to know more about Jesus and his Jewish roots? This two-part documentary takes you on a journey of discovery to Israel, uncovering the intense religious atmosphere in which he grew up and began his Messianic mission. Journalist Peter Darg and film producer Marc Villiger explore the profound Jewish environment that shaped Jesus’ life. They reveal overlooked truths about his character, background, and personality that will help deepen your understanding of the Bible.


13. Jesus Crucifixion Evidence And Revelations – Secrets Of Christianity

Are you curious about the evidence regarding Jesus’ crucifixion? In this documentary, we uncover clues to an ancient mystery and explore the tomb of the High Priest Caiaphas – who, according to the Gospels, sent Jesus to the cross. Along with other artifacts, two Roman nails were recorded in the official excavation report! We investigate what happened to these items and attempt a daring re-entry into Caiaphas’ tomb. Join us as we uncover shocking revelations that have previously eluded us for centuries. Secrets of Christianity brings investigative journalism techniques to history, connecting many academic and scientific disciplines together for a fresh take on past events.

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