The Mexican Mormon War

Apr 20, 2024 | Crime, Drugs, Religion, Social, Videos

The ongoing conflict between the cartels of Juarez, Mexico and a group of Mormons has become one of the most intriguing stories in recent memory. This story gained additional attention when it was revealed that some of these Mormons are related to Mitt Romney. To gain a better understanding of this war on drugs that is being heavily influenced by US policy, a documentary team traveled to Juarez to meet Romney’s Mormon family and document their experiences first-hand.

The documentary captures raw interviews with families caught in the middle of the conflict, as well as firsthand accounts from members of Romney’s extended Mormon family who have been directly impacted by US policy. It also provides a glimpse into how US policy is affecting both sides of the violent battle for control in Juarez. With no clear end in sight for this struggle, this documentary serves as an important reminder about the human cost of war and violence.

This eye-opening documentary sheds light on a rarely seen aspect of US foreign policy and offers insight into how our government is influencing events around the world. It also provides invaluable insight into how individuals are having to cope with such a difficult situation on both sides of the conflict. By watching this powerful film you can gain further understanding of what is happening on both sides, while learning more about Romney’s extended Mormon family and their struggles in Juarez. Don’t

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David B