Last Chance High

Apr 3, 2024 | Social, Videos

The documentary series Last Chance High follows the lives of students at Moses Montefiore Academy on Chicago’s West Side, a school for some of the city’s most troubled youth. The pupils at Montefiore have been expelled from other schools due to their serious behavioral issues, and many have been diagnosed with various psychological disorders.

The series takes viewers inside Montefiore’s classrooms and into the homes of these young pupils, all of whom are just one mistake away from being sent to prison or committed to a mental institution. We meet two 14-year old students in particular: Cortez and Crystal. Cortez arrives after his mother condemns his father who is in jail for murder. As for Crystal, she has caused physical harm to her peers, and has been caught stealing since attending Montefiore – an event that nearly broke her mother psychologically.

Montefiore is the only therapeutic school within the Chicago Public School System specializing in emotional behavioral disorder (EBD). With kids out of control due to their chaotic home lives, teachers must employ patience as an effective teaching tool. Many times it is necessary to use forms of restraint when a student becomes threatening towards themselves or others; however this should be used sparingly according to their policy standards.

From following their stories we witness first-hand how difficult it can be for educators to help each student unlock their potential and flourish in society despite their troubled pasts. Last Chance High gives a compassionate look at these complex situations with inspiring stories that will leave you wanting more – so don’t miss out! Tune in for an eye-opening insight into the world of these extraordinary teens trying to make something out of nothing, as they strive for success within an environment where failure is expected.

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David B