Living in the Sewers of Bogota

Apr 20, 2024 | Social, Videos

VICE recently released a powerful documentary that takes a harrowing look into the lives of children living in Bogota, Colombia’s most inhabited sewers. Poor and neglected, these children often flee their homes to take refuge in the darkness and squalor of the city’s underground.

Living in pitch darkness, with no source of light, these children are surrounded by sewage and rats. When rain falls, they live in fear of being swept away by the overflowing currents. What’s more frightening is the presence of death squads – paramilitary forces or rich businessmen hired to cleanse the city through intimidation tactics including rape, murder and arson.

This harrowing documentary sheds light on a side of poverty rarely seen. It reveals how some of the world’s most destitute people struggle to survive each day in one of South America’s biggest cities. The film also shows us how we can make a difference by standing up for those affected – something we can all do in our own small ways.

So if you want to have an eye-opening experience and be inspired to help alleviate poverty around the world, go watch this incredible documentary from VICE now!

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David B