Stupid in America

Mar 20, 2024 | Social, Videos

The documentary, “Stupid in America,” has exposed some of the harsh realities of our public school systems. Despite the abrasive title, it is an important film that shines a light on how our education system is failing many students.

At New York’s Abraham Lincoln High School, students reported that their teachers are unengaging and often put them to sleep. Additionally, they mentioned that smoking weed was a “normal thing” at their school. This painted a grim picture of what could be happening in other schools across the country.

Through this documentary, director John Stossel aims to uncover why public schooling in America is so substandard compared to other countries – and he succeeds in doing just that. He interviews leaders within the education system, showing how bureaucracy and policy have left many kids behind when it comes to education. He also speaks with those directly impacted by these systemic issues.

This documentary provides an eye-opening look at the state of public education in America today and serves as a call for reform in our educational system – something we cannot ignore any longer. We need to make sure our children receive the educational opportunities they deserve. If you want to learn more about this crucial issue and be part of the solution, watch “Stupid in America” today!

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David B