The 10 Best Documentaries About Abraham Lincoln

Nov 8, 2023 | Best Of, History, Political

It’s no secret that Abraham Lincoln is one of the most influential and beloved presidents in US history. He steered the country through tough times during the Civil War and was incredibly progressive for his time, taking bold steps towards emancipation and equality in a time of immense social upheaval. And with that legacy comes an interesting collection of documentaries about Lincoln’s life. From feature-length films to TV specials, documentaries about Lincoln’s life offer an in-depth look at his many accomplishments and the ways they still reverberate today.


1. Abraham Lincoln Biography History

This list of the best documentaries about Abraham Lincoln is informative and entertaining for all those who want to learn more about one of the greatest American presidents. From  a documentary featuring intimate interviews with Lincoln’s descendants, to Top Secret Story of Abraham Lincoln, a revealing look at some of the lesser-known aspects of his life, these thought-provoking films will give you a greater understanding of the 16th President’s legacy.


2. Abraham Lincoln – The Great Emancipator

History is an incredible thing, and Abraham Lincoln is one of its most remarkable figures. This documentary explores the life of the iconic president who ended slavery in America. It looks at why he was called ‘The Great Emancipator’ and how his legacy continues to influence the nation today.


3. Secrets of Abraham Lincoln

Tune in to this fascinating documentary and discover the untold secrets of Abraham Lincoln, one of America’s most beloved presidents. From his humble beginnings to his rise to power, we will explore how he shaped our nation into what it is today. We’ll uncover the lesser known stories that you won’t find in history books and learn about some of Lincoln’s greatest accomplishments.


4. Living with Lincoln

Living With Lincoln is a riveting documentary about the life of America’s 16th president. It delves deep into his childhood, his rise to power and the legacy he left behind. Through archival footage, interviews with historians, and recreations, this documentary paints a vivid picture of times gone by and brings to life the character of our beloved president.


5. The Untold Story of Abraham Lincoln’s Assassination

Did you know that there is still so much about Abraham Lincoln’s assassination we don’t understand? With the help of historians, key players, and other experts, It brings to light new evidence and insights in an effort to uncover what really happened on April 14th 1865.This documentary takes a deep dive into the lesser known facts and challenges long-held beliefs about Lincoln’s death. From fresh perspectives to evidence only recently uncovered,It offers a captivating look at one of history’s most significant moments.


6. Abraham Lincoln: A Journey To Greatness

Few figures in American history are as iconic and revered as the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. His life is a story of hardship, struggle, and perseverance – all leading to an ultimate legacy that still resonates with us today. This documentary from Greatness Productions dives deep into the life and times of Lincoln, exploring the key moments that shaped this man and his rise to greatness.



This is a documentary exploration of the life and legacy of one of America’s most beloved presidents, Abraham Lincoln. Through interviews with historians and experts in the field, It takes viewers on a journey into the heart of Lincoln’s story. This documentary features never-before-seen archival footage from his assassination and its aftermath in 1865, as well as new testimonies and insights from present day historians. The film further examines how Lincoln’s legacy has shaped the United States, as well as its impact on our society today. From the Gettysburg Address to his final days in office, viewers will gain a deeper understanding of this complex leader and his lasting mark on American history.


8. Abraham Lincoln: The Railsplitter

For those of us interested in the life of one of America’s most beloved presidents, Abraham Lincoln: The Railsplitter is a must-watch. This documentary shines a light on the incredible story of the 16th US president – from his humble beginnings as an Illinois farmer to his rise to power as one of the nation’s most influential leaders.


9. A President At War | Abraham Lincoln

The nation was on the brink of Civil War when Abraham Lincoln became our 16th president. A man of courage, leadership and conviction, he had to guide a divided nation through one of the darkest periods in its history. This documentary looks at the remarkable story of how Lincoln successfully mobilized an entire country for battle and inspired the Union to victory.


10. Best Documentary Abraham Lincoln

One of the most legendary American presidents, Abraham Lincoln, is having his story told through one of the best documentaries around. This is a captivating exploration into the life and times of Lincoln that features interviews with historians and biographers, as well as archives from newspapers and letters written by Lincoln himself. This documentary paints a vivid picture of the man who would come to save the Union and ultimately be remembered as one of our nation’s greatest leaders.



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