Living Dolls: The Subculture of Doll Collecting

Apr 17, 2024 | Social, Videos

Living Dolls is an intriguing documentary that follows the lives of four adults whose love for dolls has become an integral part of their identities. The film takes viewers on a meandering journey through the lives of Mike, Michael, David, and Debbie, each with a unique connection to their doll collections.

Mike is an adult male who reconnects with his childhood love of Barbie dolls years after discarding them in order to hide his true self during his closeted adolescence. His parents are supportive and welcoming, while his boyfriend—and eventually the entire Barbie convention—are all accepting of his peculiar interest. When asked how he manages to find joy in such simple playthings, Mike replies that it helps him combat feelings of loneliness from being rejected by others in the past.

Michael is an older gentleman whose home doubles as a workshop for disassembling dolls into skeletal metal figures. For him, the process is therapeutic and gives him a deep sense of satisfaction; he shares moments of intimate connection with these eerily lifelike creations. At an annual meeting of like-minded enthusiasts, Michael finds understanding and acceptance among people who share his passion.

David has found solace in collecting vintage dolls which he considers family members; he revels in their company without hesitation or shame. Although they may not be real people, David feels a genuine connection to them that brings comfort and joy in times of sorrow and despair.

Finally, there’s Debbie: a beautiful young wife and mother whose addiction to collecting dolls has prevented her family from living a better life despite her husband’s pleas for restraint. She cannot explain what draws her to these figures but admits that it fills some void within her heart.

Living Dolls captures the unique bond between people and their beloved dolls without judgement or prejudice; instead it offers insight into human nature by examining how we seek refuge from loneliness and search for our own happiness. Whether you’re fascinated by doll culture or simply curious about why some people adopt such unusual hobbies, this documentary will provide thought-provoking entertainment—and maybe even open some eyes along the way!

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