The 7 Best Documentaries And Videos About Eartha Kitt

Apr 27, 2024 | Best Of, Celebrities, Music

Eartha Kitt was a legendary entertainer who left an indelible mark on the world of music, film and stage. Her powerful voice, dynamic presence and groundbreaking style made her a beloved figure around the world. Now we can look back at her life through seven of the best documentaries about Eartha Kitt. From rare archival footage to intimate interviews with friends and family, these films offer an unparalleled look into the life of this incredible artist. Read on to discover the story behind Eartha Kitt and explore some of her most memorable performances. Dive into the fascinating world of Eartha Kitt today!


1. The Shocking Life of Eartha Kitt Catwoman Batman 66 TV Series

Eartha Kitt was a world-renowned singer, dancer, and actress who left an indelible mark on pop culture. She is best known for her iconic roles in the 1960’s Batman television series where she played Catwoman as well as for her Grammy award winning rendition of Santa Baby.


2.The Untold Truth Of Eartha Kitt

Eartha Kitt’s singing forever changed the sound of a generation. A legend among legends, she made her mark in many areas of entertainment. From Catwoman in ‘60s “Batman” series to her timeless classic hit, “Santa Baby” – Eartha was an unstoppable force and a powerful voice for women’s rights and sexual liberation during a time when these topics were met with prejudice. She was a fierce advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and an activist who fought against injustices across the globe.


3. The Rise, Fall, and Rise Again of Eartha Kitt

The remarkable Eartha Kitt left a lasting impression with her performances as Yzma and Catwoman, or her signature song Santa Baby. But there is much more to this beloved actress than most people know. Learn about Eartha’s inspiring journey from an early life of abandonment to starring on the big screen and even being invited to the White House.


4. Eartha Kitt: My Family

Eartha Kitt’s life was a fascinating one, and her legacy is still celebrated today. Through The 7 Best Documentaries About Eartha Kitt, you can explore the unique story of this remarkable African-American icon.


5. An Evening With Eartha Kitt

The remarkable life and career of Eartha Kitt was explored in an hour long, one-on-one program on PBS-TV. Hosted by Gwen Ifill at Northwestern University Law School’s Thorne Auditorium, An Evening With Eartha Kitt featured the legendary actress and singer as its guest.


6. Emotional EARTHA KITT interview

Eartha Kitt’s remarkable life story and illustrious career is explored in an emotional interview conducted by Ronnie Williams. Despite facing hardship and poverty during her childhood, Eartha fought back to become one of the most recognisable figures on stage and screen. The conversation doesn’t shy away from exploring the profound effects this had on her personal life, especially her relationship with her own daughter.



Eartha Mae Kitt was an icon of American culture, famous for her unique singing style and unforgettable hits. Her musical journey began in 1942, where she made appearances in Broadway productions such as Carib Song.

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