Finger of God

Dec 26, 2022 | Religion, Videos

Trailer: Hundreds raised from the dead. Manna appearing in the Pentagon. Gemstones falling from the sky. Teens healing perfect strangers on the street.

This is not the religion of yesteryear. This is a new beginning. A spiritual revolution. This is the finger of God. Prepare to go on a dizzying journey around the world – from the streets of Northern California to mud huts in Africa.

In the underground church in China to the Gypsies in Eastern Europe – to be challenged and stimulated by the extraordinary things God is doing in our world today.

Born of personal experience of filmmaker Darren Wilson two years and hundreds of hours of footage, Finger of God will show you a world he never knew existed. A world of hope and courage. A world where God’s fingerprints are in the most unlikely of places.

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Riyan H.