The 10 Best Documentaries And Videos About California

Sep 17, 2023 | Best Of, Social

California is renowned for its sun-soaked coastlines, sprawling deserts and captivating cities. But the state also has a rich history that’s explored in thrilling documentaries. Whether you’re looking to dive into the turbulent past of California or just want to learn more about this remarkable place, we’ve rounded up the 10 best documentaries about California. From stories about surfing communities to the harsh realities of incarcerated youth, these documentary films are sure to bring you closer to the Golden State.

1. Los Angeles, California’s MEGACITY: Making Modern LA California in the western United

California is home to one of the most iconic cities in the world – Los Angeles. This incredible city has gone through a remarkable transformation from its humble beginnings as a small settlement to now becoming a bustling metropolis of over 15 million people! The documentary, MEGACITY: Making Modern LACalifornia, offers viewers an insightful look into this journey and the stories of those who have made it possible. From its impressive engineering feats to its vibrant culture, Los Angeles has been forged by many with a pioneering spirit and an unwavering commitment to progress.


2. California – The Unknown Beauty of the Golden State | Free Documentary Nature

California is an incredible and unique state with a wide variety of breathtaking landscapes. From its sandy beaches to its rugged coastlines, from the endless deserts to the majestic forests – there’s something for everyone in this amazing place! Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast seeking adventure or a culture-lover looking for exploration, California offers an unforgettable experience that will stay with you forever.



3.Darwin, California: Life In A Lawless Town | Real Stories Full-Length Documentary

Darwin, California is an isolated town located in Death Valley near the end of a long road. Life here is unlike anywhere else in America due to its unique circumstances – there’s no government, no church, and no jobs. Only 35 people call Darwin home, yet they have managed to survive without the support of a larger society. What makes this town fascinating, however, is the fact that it’s not only governed by its own set of rules but also by its people. Through sharing resources and creating their own community, the residents of Darwin have found a way to thrive in spite of their circumstances.


4. Why California Has So Many Problems

Get to know the issues facing California with this amazing documentary series. From wildfires to droughts, and from protests to natural disasters, take a deep dive into why the Golden State has so many problems. Experience first-hand accounts of those affected by these issues, as well as interviews with experts in both environmental and political policy. Learn about the importance of sustainability, the impact of climate change, and how everyday citizens can make a difference.


5. The Oakland, California Homeless Problem is Beyond Belief

Driving around Oakland, California is like a scene from a movie. Everywhere you turn, there are homeless encampments – tents and RVs lining sidewalks and dirt lots. Hundreds of people gather in communities of makeshift structures in an attempt to survive the conditions they have been put in. It’s beyond belief that while some of us live comfortably, others fight for their basic necessities every day. It’s time to take a stand and build awareness around the homeless crisis in Oakland.


6. Slab City, California: Last Free Place in America? (Extraordinary Place Documentary

Welcome to Slab City, California! Home to a unique group of people and their canine companions who have gathered in the middle of the desert for one purpose – freedom. The locals call this place “the last free place in America,” as it offers a refuge from traditional life and its constraints. Rob’s café is the hub of activity at Slab City, where you can get a hot cup of coffee and join the conversation. Experience this extraordinary place in our brand new documentary – Slab City:


7.California – Unknown Beauty

Discover the unknown beauty of California through a captivating documentary. From mesmerizing natural landscapes to bustling cities, and from cultural events to geological history – this documentary takes you on a journey of discovery that will leave you amazed. Experience the grandeur of America’s largest state as we explore its diverse geography in cinematic detail. This is an opportunity to gain a deeper appreciation for the land, and its many unique features and stories.


8. Leaving California: What They Don’t Want You to Know | Siyamak Khorrami

“It’s time to reveal the stories behind why so many people are fleeing California. 300 interviews gave us a glimpse of what they don’t want you to know, and it revealed deeper reasons than you would think. Leaving California is an eye-opening documentary that gets deep into the heart and mind of those who left for different destinations. Through this documentary, you’ll gain insight into the struggles, hopes, and dreams of those who decided to make a new life elsewhere.


9.California Mountain Lions: The Legends of California

In California, Mountain Lions reign as majestic creatures and powerful legends. They are an integral part of the state’s ecosystem and play a crucial role in preserving our natural environment. This docuseries hopes to explore their journey through 9 captivating chapters, educating viewers on the importance of mountain lions and how we can work together to ensure their survival in California. Let’s embark on a journey of discovery and preservation, learning the inspiring tales of these legendary beasts who share our home.


10. California’s Exodus Continues: 700K Net Loss, Why It Matters | Jim Doti

California’s exodus has continued with a net loss of over 700,000 residents in the last few years. Many business owners are faced with the prospect of leaving due to increased taxes and regulations, as well as other issues that make their success in the state much more difficult. To find out why this is happening, Jim Doti interviewed many of California’s top corporate leaders to hear their thoughts on the future of doing business in the Golden State.

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