Last Days of Solitary

Jun 20, 2024 | Crime, Videos

Last Days of Solitary is a powerful documentary which delves into the devastating effects of solitary confinement on some of the most dangerous inmates in prison. This eye-opening examination of the controversial practice reveals that, though designed to be a deterrent for prisoners, this form of punishment has profound and long-lasting psychological impacts.

The documentary follows former inmates as they attempt to reintegrate back into society after spending time in solitary confinement. Viewers are given an intimate look at their struggles with depression, anxiety, and social isolation as they try to move forward from their pasts. As each story unfolds, it becomes increasingly clear that this form of punishment leaves a lasting impression on those who endure it – one that may hinder them from ever being able to move forward and rebuild a life after being released from prison.

The film also delves into the prison system itself by exploring the institutional biases towards solitary confinement and its high rates of recidivism among previously incarcerated individuals. The stories featured throughout Last Days of Solitary paint an urgent picture of how these practices can be detrimental over time and bring up important conversations around reform within prisons.

Through this thought-provoking documentary, viewers are encouraged to examine our current approach to criminal justice and think critically about if this form of punishment should even exist today. Last Days of Solitary offers an insider’s perspective into how this practice affects real people; it is an essential watch for anyone looking to gain greater understanding on the issue or for those hoping to learn more about criminal justice reform in America.

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David B