How It’s Made: Fire Bricks

May 30, 2022 | Business, Videos

Used for fireplaces, ovens, and combustion heaters, fire bricks have become a large part of the home interior and constructions. Called also refractory bricks, fire bricks are actually used blocks of refractory ceramic materials.

The primary goal of fire bricks is to line up your fireplaces and make them able to withstand high temperature. However, firebricks have also been used for low thermal conductivity, which in essence improves the energy efficiency of your home.

Fire bricks come in two forms, high dense firebricks, used for chemical, thermal and mechanical stresses, and porous bricks which are lighter, weaker and easier to for. But how are they made?

How a brick that can withstand high and low temperatures is made? As always, the “how it’s made” video takes you through the whole process, starting from the moment when large dynamite is used to break stones into smaller pieces and then form them into a brick. Take a look at the process.

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Riyan H.