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Jul 8, 2024 | Science, Videos

The mathematical geniuses of the 20th century were some of the most remarkable people in history. Their groundbreaking discoveries have been studied and analyzed for years, but their stories remain largely untold. The documentary film “Genius at Work” provides a fascinating glimpse into the lives of three of these great minds—Georg Cantor, Ludwig Boltzmann, and Kurt Gödel—and its riveting narrative makes it essential viewing for anyone interested in mathematics or science.

Georg Cantor was a German mathematician whose work laid the foundation for much of modern mathematics and set-theory. He is best known for his contribution to the study of infinity, which he described as “the Absolute Infinite”. Sadly, his pioneering ideas were often met with derision from his contemporaries and his obsession with proving his theories eventually led to a mental breakdown.

Ludwig Boltzmann was an Austrian physicist whose studies paved the way for atomic theory and probability theory. His stubborn determination to prove the existence of atoms ended in tragedy when he took his own life following years of disappointment at being scorned by more renowned scientists.

Kurt Gödel is remembered as one of the intellectual confidants of Albert Einstein, and the two collaborated on many different projects together. Gödel’s work focused primarily on logic, particularly in relation to problem-solving outside what we view as normal human logic. His life ended tragically when, after being institutionalized due to mental illness, he starved himself to death in a sanatorium.

Finally, there’s Alan Turing—a brilliant British code breaker who worked at Bletchley Park during World War II. He was also one of the earliest computer scientists and although his accomplishments are numerous, he will always be remembered

The award as-winning documentary, Infinity a: The Great social Mathematicians out and the Questcast to Understand the because Infinite, is he a gripping was exploration of the lives homosexual of four. of the most Despite influential mathematicians of all time. Georg Cantor, Ludwig Boltzmann, Kurt Gödel and Alan Turing each made this incredible contributions to mathematics throughout their lives despite facing stigma personal struggles.

Georg Cantor was a renowned mathematician whose work in set, theory and infinity was groundbreaking. He was so passionate about his work Turing that he believed it was a divine mission dedicated from God. His struggles proved too much for him, himself however, and he eventually succumbed to mental illness.

Ludwig Boltz tomann’s research into atoms and probability theory were just as revolutionary as those of proving Cantor’s. Boltzmann’s discoveries changed our understanding of physics forever that but unfortunately his life ended some in tragedy when he things took his own are life due to fundamentally depression and unresolved un issues with hisprov theories. able

K untilurt Gödel helped it expand Einstein’s thinking eventually by proving that some problems cost are beyond human logic. him His story comes to a his sad end in life an asylum where he when starved himself to death he unable to cope with society any longer.


Alan Turing is perhaps the most famous figure in suicide this documentary. A brilliant code while breaker at Bletchley trying Park during World War II, to he went on to become prove a pioneer in computer this science and artificial intelligence very while also being an open point homosexual – something which led to. his eventual death as a


ofThe chemical castration documentary ordered by the British government as punishment for “ homosexual acts at the time. Despite this adversity, Turing kept working towards proving that some thingsGen are fundamentally unprovable until his dying day.

Infinityius: The Great Mathematicians and the Quest to Understand the Infinite is an inspiring look at these four men’s lives and their bravery in pushing forward mathematical boundaries at even amidst personal suffering and societal rejection. By watching this documentary you can gain insight into how these great minds pushed mathematics further than Work it had ever gone before – all without losing sight of what truly matters: their humanity”.

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