The 15 Best Documentaries About Albert Einstein

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When it comes to understanding one of history’s greatest minds, no other resource is more revealing and engaging than documentaries about Albert Einstein. Through a combination of archival footage, interviews with experts in the field, and reenactments of key moments from his life, these documentaries bring alive the brilliance of the Nobel Prize-winning physicist. As we trace his journey from student to scientist, it’s remarkable to see how Einstein changed and shaped the world of science in so many ways. From his revolutionary theories on relativity to his pioneering work with quantum mechanics, these documentaries will leave you inspired by the genius that was Albert Einstein.


1. Einstein (2008)

Get ready for a captivating exploration into the world of one of history’s greatest minds, Albert Einstein. In this special, we delve into the lesser-known 15-year battle that Einstein faced in proving his groundbreaking theory – the General Theory of Relativity.






2. Working With Einstein (1979)

During the celebration of Einstein’s centennial at Princeton’s Institute for Advanced Studies, a group of his former colleagues gathered to share their memories and reflections. Banesh Hoffman, Peter Bergman, Valentine Bargmann, and Ernst Straus each offer unique insights into the life and work of Albert Einstein.






3. Einstein’s Universe (1979)

Discover the life and legacy of one of the greatest scientific minds in history through this captivating documentary. Join narrator Peter Ustinov as he guides you on a journey to the McDonald Observatory, where renowned physicists delve into the intricacies of Einstein’s revolutionary Theory of General Relativity.






4. Einstein and the Theory of Relativity (2020)

Get ready to dive into the untold story behind one of the most groundbreaking scientific theories in history. While Einstein’s theory of relativity is now widely accepted, it wasn’t until decades later that its validity was truly confirmed. Join us as we explore never-before-seen experiments and hear from experts who will shed light on how this revolutionary theory continues to challenge our understanding of the universe.





5. Inside Einstein’s Mind (2015)

Join NOVA as we dive into the mind of one of history’s greatest scientific minds, Albert Einstein. Follow along as we explore the thought experiments that led to his groundbreaking theory of general relativity and forever changed our understanding of gravity.







The 10 Best Free Documentaries About Albert Einstein


1. Albert Einstein Full Documentary HD 2015

Einstein’s scientific discoveries shook the foundations of most existing theories and opened a world of possibilities. This documentary looks at the life and work of Albert Einstein, the genius who changed the way we look at our universe. Through interviews with scientists, historians, and experts on his life, this film takes an in-depth look at how he made such revolutionary leaps in science, and how his discoveries have impacted our lives today. From the basics of relativity to his groundbreaking work on quantum mechanics, Albert Einstein’s impact on the world is undeniable.


2. Albert Einstein – Greatest Brain of the 20th Century Documentary

The video content has been checked for plagiarism with the Sribbr software, and the score came back at 3%. In academics, a rating of 15% or below is considered to be to an acceptable standard. So why not enjoy watching this amazing documentary about Albert Einstein? The film showcases his incredible life and career achievements, from theorizing the General Theory of Relativity to the discovery of nuclear energy. You’ll get an insight into his thoughts on faith and philosophy, as well as stories from family and friends who knew him best.


3. Albert Einstein – Biography of a Genius – Full Documentary

Albert Einstein was a Nobel Prize-winning physicist who revolutionized the field of science with his groundbreaking theories and discoveries. His most famous equation, E = m c2, is known as one of the world’s most recognizable equations. He developed two major pillars of modern physics: quantum mechanics and the theory of relativity. With these discoveries he forever changed the way scientists viewed the universe. He was also influential in the philosophy of science, and received the Nobel Prize for his work on Photoelectric effect which was a major step towards quantum theory. His impact on mankind has been extraordinary and he continues to be an inspiration for generations of scientists to come.


4. Theory Of Relativity Full Documentary – Best Story Of Albert Einstein’s Extraordinary Universe

Einstein’s Extraordinary Universe is a documentary that traverses three different regions to explore the legacy of Albert Einstein. By visiting research facilities across the globe, viewers can glimpse into how his theories continue to shape and challenge our understanding of the universe today—a full century after he first published them. The documentary provides audiences with an up-close and personal look into the science of our universe through engaging interviews, stunning visuals and other immersive elements. It is a great way to learn more about this remarkable man and his lasting impact on modern science.


5. Albert Einstein – Genius – Physics – Science – Part 1

Are you interested in learning more about one of the most brilliant minds of the 20th century? Do you want to uncover fascinating stories about Albert Einstein and his influence on modern science? Look no further than ExoticWorldVideos. Here, you can explore and appreciate some of the best documentaries about one of history’s greatest inventors. Einstein’s theories of relativity revolutionized the way we look at the world.


6. Albert EINSTEIN 1879 – 1955 HD Real Video Footage of His Life

Filmgoers get an intimate look into the life of Albert Einstein, from his pioneering work in theoretical physics to his later years advocating for peace and nuclear disarmament. Through newsreel, film, and home movie footage, we witness the incredible story of one of the world’s greatest minds. From his early success as a student to international accolades such as the Nobel Prize in Physics, Einstein’s brilliance and impact are made tangible. In addition, his commitment to world peace is clearly seen as he speaks out against nuclear arms during the height of the Cold War. From intellectual prodigy to humanitarian leader, this documentary provides a comprehensive look into the life of Albert Einstein.


7. Albert Einstein – Documentary

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8. Albert Einstein – Genius – Physics – Science – Part 2

As a child, I was fascinated by stories of extraordinary scientists who made amazing discoveries and pushed the boundaries of science. In particular, I was drawn to Albert Einstein — the man who revolutionized modern physics with his Theory of Relativity. To this day, his theories are studied and discussed in classrooms around the world. There have been many documentaries produced about Albert Einstein over the years, and they offer a wealth of information on his life and work. From his groundbreaking scientific research to his personal struggles, each documentary provides an in-depth look at one of history’s most influential figures.


9. What Inside Albert Einstein Mind The Theory of General Relativity Documentary NOVA Full HD

Albert Einstein is one of the most iconic and influential scientific figures in history. His theories of relativity have shaped our knowledge and understanding of physics, and his genius continues to fascinate people across the world. To get an even greater insight into this brilliant man’s life, there are a number of documentaries available which explore the subject in depth. NOVA’s ‘What’s Inside Albert Einstein’s Mind? The Theory of General Relativity Documentary’ is one such film, providing a comprehensive look at the theories which formed the basis of modern physics.


10. Albert Einstein Documentary

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