Cambodia: The School Built from Waste

by May 16, 2023Culture, Environmental, People, Social, Videos

The Coconut School in Cambodia is tackling both education and environmental issues at once. With discarded packaging, the staff are working hard to build facilities for schoolchildren in a country where ecological awareness is not very high up on the agenda.

The school’s mission is to provide children with a quality education while instilling an understanding of green practices and sustainability from a young age. In doing so, The Coconut School is setting an example for what is possible when it comes to creating a space for learning that also takes care of the environment.

The students attending the school come from some of the poorest parts of Cambodia, but despite their poverty they are still able to receive a quality education thanks to the dedicated work of the staff. Moreover, these children have been shown how their actions can help protect the planet. By using recycled materials to create new items such as furniture or stationary, they become aware of how reuse and recycling can be beneficial in many ways.

This inspiring story has been documented by director Antoine Bonnet in his documentary ‘Coconut School’–a film which follows several families whose lives have been changed through this incredible project. Through this documentary, viewers will gain insight into why this initiative was started and what it achieved. It also shows how passionate people can make a difference no matter their situation or resources available to them.

If you are looking for inspiration or want to learn more about innovative projects like The Coconut School, then we strongly recommend that you watch ‘Coconut School’–it might just change your perspective on environmentalism forever!

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