Among the Believers is a documentary that explores the extreme beliefs and practices of the Red Mosque in Pakistan. The film follows Abdul Aziz Ghazi, a preacher who is devoted to implementing Sharia law throughout Pakistan, and his commitment to waging a holy war against those who do not share his views. Through interviews and observation of events at the Red Mosque, this thought-provoking documentary paints a vivid picture of radicalism in contemporary Pakistan.

The documentary also pays special attention to Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy’s movement which seeks to counter Aziz’s dangerous messages. After witnessing the massacre of over 100 children, Dr. Hoodbhoy has been vocal about his calls for Aziz’s arrest. This juxtaposition between two drastically different approaches makes for an exciting and informative watch.

Those interested in learning more about religion, extremism, or modern issues in South Asia should not miss out on this captivating documentary. By exploring the complexities of religious radicalism in Pakistan, Among Believers offers viewers an opportunity to gain insight into real life issues faced by people around the world today.