Let us briefly define these well known terms before those of you who are keen on the combination of the two, above mentioned, move to the browsing of the delicious content in this category.

Substances that are being consumed in order to provide nutritional support, energy source, and life maintenance or growth stimulation are commonly known and considered as food. It mostly originates from plants or animals. Through consumption of food necessary fats, proteins, minerals and vitamins are being provided for the sustention of life.

The increasing demand for food in the world has resulted in the evolution of the basic hunting, gathering and agriculture into a global food industry.

Apart from food, equally important for sustention of life are the liquid used for consumption, the most important of all being water. Other water based consumable liquids are commonly known as drinks or beverages, while the water itself is not a subject of that categorization. Today the most common classification of drinks is based on the presence of ethanol in a certain drink, making it alcoholic, while others are simply referred to as non-alcoholic.

Interesting fact about alcoholic beverages is that they have routes in human culture dating back as far as 8000 years. They include wine, beer and liquor, whereas beer is the oldest of the three, dating back to the early Neolithic period (9500BC). Evidence of that claim is found in written history of ancient Iraq and Egypt.

The documentaries and video materials compiled for you in this category explore the foods and drunks around the world.

Find the answer to the simple question of why do people eat meet. Explore the cultural diversity when it comes to consumption of different types of meet. Watch the documentary on that subject that is written and directed by Lina Trichillo.

Ever wondered what it would be like to own and operate a brewery? The documentary Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project gives you an insight on that matter. Follow the story of Dann and Martha Paquette, a couple of tenant brewers, and their love for the brewing industry.

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Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project
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This is the story of Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project, owned and operated by Dann and Martha Paquette. They are tenant brewers, working in a rented brewery, which they take over on...

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Child obesity is a serious issue in North America. Nearly a third of the children are overweight or obese and the numbers continue to rise. We're at risk of raising supersized kid...

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Let’s Talk About Food
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Let’s Talk About Food is a short documentary film that explores why people eat meat.Do you eat meat? Have you ever asked yourself, “Why do I eat meat?” Watch to find out why ...

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