The 10 Best Documentaries About Burger King

Feb 18, 2024 | Best Of, Food/Drink

When it comes to fast food, few brands capture the imagination quite like Burger King. This iconic burger chain has played a significant role in shaping popular culture over the years, and now you can get an even closer look at its history with these documentaries. From deep dives into the brand’s legacy to profiles on individual franchises, this list of Burger King documentaries is sure to satisfy anyone’s appetite for knowledge. So grab a Whopper and get ready to learn all about Burger King.


In 1957, when McDonald’s was rapidly expanding their presence around the country, a small Florida start-up had already made their mark in the fast food industry. Insta-Burger created a spark within the hearts of countless entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners with its revolutionary new concept. Despite being on the verge of bankruptcy at one point in time, they persevered and eventually became the global powerhouse known today as Burger King. Today, Burger King has more than 100 locations all over the world, generating billions in revenue annually.


At Burger King, the Whopper takes it to the next level. The flame-grilled burger is more than just a meal – it’s an experience in itself. From its humble beginnings at a dirty, rundown restaurant, the Whopper has come to define American cuisine and become an icon of modern culture. Though many have tried to duplicate this classic recipe, no one does it quite like Burger King. With a combination of fresh ingredients and the perfect balance of flavors, the Whopper elevates eating from mere sustenance to something truly special. All it takes is one bite to taste the unique, delicious blend that’s made it a household name for years. So when you’re looking for an unforgettable burger experience, come to the Home of the Whopper. Burger King won’t let you down! With their flame-grilled perfection, they’ll take your taste buds on a journey.

Burger King is ready to reclaim its flame. In September 2022, the fast food giant announced their Reclaim The Flame plan with an investment of $400 million – split between advertising and digital investments, plus a “Royal Reset” for restaurant technology, equipment, remodels and relocations. To assist in this journey back to burger supremacy, Burger King have hired two ex-Domino’s executives – Tom Curtis as Burger King U.S. President and Patrick Doyle as Executive Chair of RBI. Wendy’s had snatched the number 2 spot from the chain in 2021 after years of decreasing profits due to outdated menus, restaurants and operations. But now, with a massive investment in modernising their offering, BK are hoping to ignite the flame and put Whopper-lovers back in their rightful spot. With a combination of cutting-edge tech, sleek remodels and exciting new ads – Burger King are sure to have all eyes on them in 2022. So watch this space, because BK’s flame is ready to be rekindled.


Burger King is one of the most iconic fast food restaurants in America. Established in 1953 by brothers Keith and Matthew Cramer, it quickly rose to fame for its delicious flame-grilled hamburgers and whoppers, as well as its friendly customer service. Over the years, Burger King has become an American fixture, beloved by many for their consistent quality and tasty meals. The brand’s unique voice is unmistakable, with its motto “Have it your way” encouraging customer freedom of choice. Its commitment to providing top-notch burgers, sandwiches, and fries have made the restaurant a mainstay in the fast food industry.


No fast food rivalry is as hotly contested and closely watched as Burger King and McDonald’s. They have been jostling for the title of top burger chain since their doors opened to customers in 1954, when both chains first started serving up delicious patties on buns. Though they are fierce competitors, they each have their own unique appeal. Burger King is a creative force that has continually pushed the boundaries of burger innovation with their signature Whopper and its various interpretations over the years.


With 18,000 restaurants across 60 countries and a value of seven billion dollars, Burger King is one of the most powerful fast-food brands on the planet. It’s an unstoppable force that has revolutionized how we order our food – from their iconic burgers to fried chicken and even plant-based options. For over six decades, they have been crafting meals designed to tantalize and satisfy the taste buds of customers all over the world, and their commitment to quality is unwavering. So whether you’re exploring a new city or just looking for something delicious nearby, Burger King offers up a variety of options that will make your mouth water.


When it comes to fast-food, nothing compares to the iconic Burger King. It’s been a fan favorite for generations, and its positive influence on pop culture has made them a household name around the world. But what exactly makes this chain so special? Let’s take an inside look at the Burger King and discover why it’s still king of burgers after all these years. The history of Burger King is an interesting one, stretching back to 1954 when Keith Kramer and Matthew Burns opened “Insta-Burger King” in Jacksonville, Florida. This initial venture was not a success, however, and the company soon found itself in financial trouble. It was then that the Pillsbury Company invested in the company, and it rebranded to become Burger King. Today, Burger King remains an innovator when it comes to fast food. They were one of the first chains to introduce burgers with special sauces and toppings such as bacon, and they’ve brought other creative menu items like their value meals.


Burger King is a fast food titan that has been known for its classic Whopper for decades. But the restaurant also serves up an array of delicious sides and desserts, such as creamy Caramel Sundaes and Oreo Cookie Cheesecake. Even their fried goodies like French fries and onion rings have become favorites among the customers. But while the restaurant has been successful in providing a variety of food options, Burger King has also had its share of flops. From odd choices like ham and cheese subs to failed products such as the Enormous Omelet Sandwich — these have proved that even an iconic fast food brand isn’t exempt from missteps.

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