The 10 Best Documentaries And Videos About Mountain Dew

Feb 13, 2024 | Best Of, Food/Drink

Welcome to our exploration of the best documentaries about Mountain Dew! We will take a look at some of the most popular films, shows and mini-series that focus on this iconic beverage. From its humble beginnings to its growing popularity in mass culture today, these documentaries provide an interesting insight into the history and future of this beloved soft drink. So grab your popcorn and get ready for a fascinating journey into the world of Mountain Dew. Let’s get started!


1. Food Theory: The Secret Recipe for Mountain Dew Pizza!

If you’re a fan of Mountain Dew, we’ve got an exciting proposition for you. Have you ever wondered how they create their signature flavor? How is it that the unique taste of Mountain Dew can make its way into so many dishes?


2. The Mountain Dew Iceberg Explained

Have you ever wondered what lies beneath the surface of those iconic Mountain Dew cans? We’ve heard stories about the mysterious ‘Mountain Dew Iceberg’, an enigma that has been a popular topic among fans for years. But what exactly is it, and why does it captivate us so deeply?


3. The Best Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew is known for its unique and delicious flavor, but what’s often forgotten is that it also has an incredible story behind the brand. From the humble beginnings of a small company to becoming one of the most recognizable names in food and beverage, Mountain Dew has made quite a journey over the years. The stories behind this popular drink are just as fascinating as its taste, and this documentary dives into the complex history of Mountain Dew.


4. A Soda Documentary: Mountain Dew

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a part of the legendary soda brand, Mountain Dew? This is a documentary that takes viewers on an exclusive tour into the world of this iconic beverage. From its humble beginnings in 1940s Tennessee to its current status as one of the leading soft drinks in the United States, It dives deep into Mountain Dew’s fascinating history and culture.


5. A Man Drank Too Much Mountain Dew, This Is What Doctors Found in His Mouth

Mountain Dew has been a favorite beverage for many over the years. However, it is important to remember that consuming too much of a good thing can have dangerous consequences. One man learned this lesson the hard way after drinking an excessive amount of Mountain Dew in one day and ended up at his local hospital with doctors finding something shocking inside his mouth.


6. Untold Truths of Mountain Dew Baja Blast

Do you love Mountain Dew? Of course, you do! Every can of the legendary citrus-flavored soft drink promises a sweet and tangy experience like no other. But what about its lesser-known sibling, Baja Blast? Many people don’t know about this unique flavor variant – but they should!


7. Mountain Dew Soda Drinks Ranked WORST to BEST

Welcome to our top 10 Mountain Dew Soda Drinks list! We’ve taken a look at the flavors of this iconic soda and ranked them on taste, texture and overall appeal. From the hyper-sugary original flavor to the zesty lime version, there’s something for everyone here!


8. Presidents Rank Mountain Dew!

Mountain Dew has become one of the most beloved soft drink brands in the world. From its iconic slogan “Do The Dew” to its countless celebrity endorsements, Mountain Dew continues to thrill fans and capture new generations of taste-testers with its unique flavor and branding. But what makes this brand so special? Recently, several presidents have declared that when it comes to drinks, Mountain


9. MountainDew turns Russell Westbrook into a lier

Mountain Dew turns Russell Westbrook into a Storyteller. Get ready to witness the incredible transformation of one of the biggest names in basketball, as this documentary dives into his journey from rising star to NBA MVP. From his humble beginnings in LA, to his remarkable ability on the court, this film follows Westbrook’s story and shows how Mountain Dew inspired him to be a leader and an advocate for the sport. From the field to the screen, this documentary shows how passion and commitment can drive a person towards greatness. Experience first hand the journey that brought Russell Westbrook to where he is today and be inspired by his accomplishments as you follow him on his way to becoming one of the most influential basketball players ever.


10. Jeremy Time: Mountain Dew Major Melon Review

Mountain Dew Major Melon is one of the most beloved flavours in the Mountain Dew lineup. It has a unique melon taste that can’t easily be found elsewhere, and it’s difficult to resist its sweet and refreshing allure. But what makes this flavour so special? Jeremy Time takes us on an adventure to discover the secrets behind Major Melon in his documentary.


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