The 7 Best Documentaries About Russell Westbrook

Nov 26, 2023 | Best Of, Sports

Introducing the best documentaries about Russell Westbrook – uncovering the man, his career, and how he’s become one of the greatest players in NBA history. From heartfelt interviews to never-before-seen highlights, this list celebrates Westbrook’s legendary achievements on and off the court. Get ready for an inside look into one of basketball’s most remarkable stories. Dive in, and immerse yourself in the world of Russell Westbrook! From “Why Not? The Story of Russell Westbrook” to “The Road Ahead: Russell Westbrook’s Journey”, these documentaries showcase the highs and lows of his career, giving viewers an up-close look at what makes him one of the greatest players ever.


1. The Story Behind Russell Westbrook

Born in Long Beach, California on November 12th 1988, Russell Westbrook was all set to follow his dream of playing college ball at UCLA. His parents Russell Westbrook Jr. and Shannon Horton raised him up in Hawthorne, Los Angeles metro area, where he grew up and began working towards his goal. But little did he know that his story would be the topic of some amazing documentaries. Throughout his life, Westbrook has been a motivator and inspiration for the younger generation as he worked hard to achieve his dreams. He has achieved great success in the NBA, being named an All-Star eight times since 2009.


2. The REAL Russell WestBrook Story (Documentary)

Russell Westbrook is an iconic figure in the NBA and his incredible achievements have earned him a legion of fans around the world. This documentary uncovers the fascinating story behind this remarkable athlete’s journey, from Oklahoma City Thunder to Washington Wizards and beyond. We’ll explore how Russell developed into a two-time MVP through his dedication, hard work and ambition. Learn about his early career, the highs and lows of being an NBA player and his unique outlook on life. Plus, get to know Russell outside of basketball with exclusive interviews from family, friends, coaches and more. Get ready for an inspiring look at one of the greatest players in NBA history: The REAL Russell Westbrook Story.


3. How Russell Westbrook’s Career Fell Apart | The Rise and Fall of The Brodie

The career of Russell Westbrook has been a roller-coaster ride for many. Many respected him, while others heavily criticized his approach to the game. After entering the league, he quickly reached success and obtained an MVP award in 2017. This was seen as a fantastic achievement, but it was soon followed by numerous unsuccessful postseason exits. In recent years, Westbrook’s playstyle has come under scrutiny, and many argue that his style of play does not lead to a winning team. This documentary explores the rise and fall of Westbrook’s career– from the initial success to the long-lasting criticisms. How did Westbrook reach the top only to be so quickly tarnished and why is he unable to bring success in playoffs?


4. Russell Westbrook’s ‘Why Not?’ Full Film | Black Film Friday Powered By BET

Russell Westbrook’s ‘Why Not?’ film is the powerful story of a young athlete who, when his path to basketball stardom was taken away, joined forces with a tech-savvy neighbor to dream outside the box and create their own future. When he found himself facing an uncertain future, this high school prospect leaned on his creativity and determination to defy expectations and unlock a new pathway to success. By working together with his tech-savvy friend, they crafted innovative solutions to their challenges and found a way to make an impact on their community.



RUSSELL WESTBROOKMeet Russell Westbrook III, a six-time NBA All-Star and two-time All-Star Game MVP who currently plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder. An outstanding college basketball player for UCLA, he was selected fourth overall in the 2008 NBA draft by the Seattle SuperSonics. His talent was so impressive that the SuperSonics relocated to Oklahoma City just six days later.In addition to his undeniable skill on the court, Russell Westbrook has also represented Team USA in international competitions like the 2010 FIBA World Championship and 2012 Olympics, both of which he won gold medals for.


6. The HISTORIC 16-17 MVP Season of Russell Westbrook! | GOAT SZN

Witness the amazing journey of Russell Westbrook’s historic 16/17 MVP season! From career-highs in points and assists, to unprecedented triple-doubles and a superhuman basketball performance – GOAT SZN was truly something special. Here you can relive all the clutch shots, mesmerizing moves, and inspiring moments that made this sixteen-game season unforgettable. Follow the story of an all-time great, who pushed himself to the limits in a season that will never be forgotten. This is Russell Westbrook at his absolute best – GOAT SZN!


7. The Best Of Russell Westbrook’s 2020-21 Season!

The 2020-21 season was an incredible one for Russell Westbrook and his Washington Wizards. From the powerful dunks, to the creative passes, there were plenty of amazing plays that left fans in awe. As we look back on this memorable season, let’s take a moment to appreciate some of Russ’ greatest moments! From triple-doubles galore to a 40-point masterpiece, Westbrook’s game was on full display this season. With his incredible athleticism and creative vision, Russ showed why he remains one of the NBA’s elite players.


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