The 6 Best Documentaries About Garlic

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Garlic has been around since antiquity and is renowned for its flavor – but there’s more to this multi-faceted plant than meets the eye. From its mysterious origin story, to its multiple health benefits, garlic has an incredible history that reveals a lot about human culture and our relationship to food. To get a better understanding of this fascinating ingredient, we’ve rounded up the 6 best documentaries about garlic that are sure to leave you feeling inspired. Whether you’re a culinary enthusiast or just curious about this beloved flavor, these documentaries will give you an intimate look into the world of garlic! Read on to learn more.


1. Where Are The Main Garlic Producing Areas In China

The Best Documentaries About Garlic will take its viewers on a journey to the heart of garlic production in China. Through interviews with farmers, experts and market traders, the documentary illustrates how these small-scale growers can better manage their crops and markets in order to survive despite volatile prices. The documentary also follows the story of one particular family from Jinxiang County, tracing their successes and struggles in garlic farming over the years. Learn why they chose to resist against price hikes by continuing to grow garlic for many generations, despite fluctuating markets. The documentary also introduces viewers to organic farming techniques like crop rotation and traditional Chinese planting methods that are now being used on a larger scale in Jinxiang County with great results.


2. The History Of Garlic And The Magic of Stabilised Allicin By Peter Josling

One of the most interesting documentaries about garlic is called The Power of Garlic. This documentary takes a deep dive into the science and history behind this remarkable herb, featuring interviews with experts, traditional healers, herbalists, scientists and chefs who have all used garlic to benefit their health in different ways. It also explores how modern medicine has been inspired by traditional remedies, and how garlic has become an integral part of many cultures. The film also looks at the potential health benefits of garlic for treating a wide range of conditions including cancer, diabetes, heart disease and immune system disorders. In addition to this, it focuses on the importance of garlic in everyday life; from cooking to home remedies and even its use in beauty products.


3. From Farmland To Your Hand – The Garlic Harvest in China

Garlic is a unique and flavorful herb that has been used for centuries in cooking across the world. Its popularity in Chinese cuisine is undeniable, and the garlic harvest plays an important role each year. For farmers in China, the annual garlic harvest marks the start of summer, when they will gather their crops from land carefully cultivated over time. Each farmer has their own technique for planting and harvesting garlic that has been passed down through generations. From selecting the soil, to choosing the cloves of garlic, to fertilizing the land – these farmers have perfected the art of growing the perfect crop. The harvest season brings forward a flurry of activity as farmers collect and package their produce in anticipation of the flavorful feast ahead.


4. Garlic Production – From Harvesting to Packing

The documentary will also explore the value of garlic as both a culinary ingredient and a health supplement. We’ll learn how garlic is used in traditional cooking from around the world, as well as its many benefits to our overall health. This includes its ability to reduce inflammation, lower cholesterol levels and even help fight common infections like colds and flus. Additionally, we’ll look at the role garlic plays in herbal medicine and natural remedies, and how it is used to treat a variety of ailments. Finally, we will explore the vast array of garlic products available today. From fresh bulbs to pre-peeled cloves, garlic powder to chopped or minced garlic in jars, this versatile vegetable has become a staple ingredient that can be easily added to any dish. We’ll look at the various forms garlic can take, and how each type is best used in different recipes.


5. HISTORY OF GARLIC – Why were there so few garlic recipes through history

Garlic In The Kitchen – the power of garlic in cooking Garlic is one of the most commonly used ingredients in culinary. Learn how to maximize the flavor profile and add unique dimensions to your dishes with garlic. The Health Benefits of Garlic – nutrition & medicine Discover how garlic has been used in various forms of alternative medicine as well as its nutritional properties. Get the facts and learn how to incorporate garlic into your daily diet. Garlic Farming – sustainable methods & techniques Learn about the traditional methods of farming garlic as well as modern sustainable practices employed by professional growers. The Best Ways to Store Garlic – tricks for longer shelf life It’s no surprise that garlic is a staple ingredient in many dishes around the world. In this video we discuss how to properly store garlic to maximize its shelf life and potency.



Garlic is a powerful medicinal plant that can be used to treat various conditions. From cancer to viruses, garlic has been used for centuries to help prevent and cure illnesses. Here we will take a look at some of the best documentaries about garlic and how it can be used as an effective home remedy. One of the most interesting documentaries about garlic is “The Healing Power of Garlic”. It looks at how garlic can be used to treat various ailments, including cancer. The documentary follows two experts who have researched the medicinal properties of garlic and how it can help with different types of cancers as well as other illnesses.

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