The 10 Best Documentaries About Wendy’s

Mar 5, 2024 | Best Of, Food/Drink

Introducing the definitive list of the top 10 documentaries about Wendy’s! Have you ever wondered what goes on behind-the-scenes at your favorite fast food joint? Well, these fascinating films offer an in-depth look into the fast food industry and show viewers just how much thought and effort goes into each delicious meal.


1. Dave Thomas The Man Behind Wendy’s

Dave Thomas was an innovator in the fast-food industry. He founded Wendy’s with a vision to bring burgers to people from all walks of life. On November 15, 1969, this dream came true when he opened his first restaurant in Columbus, Ohio.


2. The Dave Thomas Story

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur in 2022? Are you looking to make a name for yourself, build a successful business, and become the next millionaire? Then look no further than Wendy’s. Learn from the example of this iconic brand and its founder who achieved incredible success through smart marketing tactics.


3. Can Wendy’s Beat McDonald’s And Burger King?

Wendy’s knows that it has to do something about the fast-food wars, and they are determined to take back the competition. To start things off, Wendy’s will be introducing a breakfast menu for its US customers in early 2020 and opening stores in Europe by 2021. With this move, Wendy’s is hoping for success and wants to break through the history of failed attempts at this same goal. It’s an ambitious plan, but if Wendy’s pulls it off, they’ll be in a better spot than ever before to take on the competition.


4. Abandoned by mom and dad, a kid vowed to open the best restaurant: Wendy’s

Dave Thomas was a boy with big dreams. Eating burgers in restaurants made him feel connected and it also gave him a sense of purpose. At the tender age of 8 he crafted a plan; to create the best restaurant in the world, and thus Wendy’s was born. Dave Thomas had an incredible vision that changed the way people looked at fast-food restaurants forever.



Do you know all the juicy secrets about Wendy’s? We can all agree that at one point in our lives, we have been satisfied with their delicious square patty burger. Founded by Dave Thomas in 1969, Wendy’s continues to keep its loyal following even after 5 decades. Despite being a fast food chain, it has managed to make itself different from others.


6. What It Was Really Like To Eat At The First Wendy’s

No more Happy Meals and dreary dining rooms? Wendy’s may have become a routine burger joint, but it had quite an origin story. From the very beginning, it was different — with Tiffany lamps, one-on-one time with the owners, and something that no other fast food restaurant could offer: a homestyle experience.


7. Reasons Why Wendy’s Is FAILING

If you’re looking for a close examination of how Wendy’s is falling behind its competitors when it comes to brand awareness and customer satisfaction, then these ten documentaries are for you. From exploring the chain’s inability to keep up with changing consumer tastes to examining their troubling public relations gaffes, each of these documentaries will provide an in-depth look at why Wendy’s simply isn’t meeting its goals.


8. 100 Years of Wendy’s Taste Test

For over a century, Wendy’s has been serving up its burger-lovers’ favorite meals from coast to coast. In honor of the fast-food giant’s 100th birthday, we bring you the 10 best documentaries about Wendy’s and its singular flavor.


9. Wendy’s Logo/Commercial History

Wendy’s is a fast-food chain with an iconic logo and a long commercial history. The company has been featured in numerous documentaries over the years, each capturing different aspects of its brand voice and culture. From comedic commercials to insightful interviews with CEO’s, here are 10 of the best documentaries about Wendy’s that capture the spirit of this beloved franchise.


10. This Is What Wendy’s Menu Looked Like The Year You Were Born

Have you ever wondered what Wendy’s menu looked like the year you were born? We have a special treat for all of our readers – we’ve put together an exclusive documentary about some of the most iconic meals and products from Wendy’s throughout the years. From its humble beginnings in 1969 to today, follow us as we explore how this fast food chain has shaped American culture through its ever-evolving menu.

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