The 7 Best Documentaries And Videos About Spam

Mar 4, 2024 | Best Of, Food/Drink

Are you curious to know what lies behind the mysterious history of Spam? Go beyond the canned luncheon meat and explore the intriguing stories told in these seven amazing documentaries about Spam. From its origin as a wartime necessity to its current worldwide ubiquity, delve into different perspectives on this popular product. Get ready to be surprised by some fascinating insights!


1. What Happened to SPAM?

Take a journey back in time to the year 1937 and explore the history of SPAM, an inexpensive source of protein that changed the course of Hawaii’s economy. From its origin by Hormel Foods to its rise as a beloved meal for citizens, SPAM has become much more than just a canned meat.


2. How Has SPAM Stayed So Popular?

Weird History Food is serving up a SPAM alert. Not just those pesky emails from Planet Fitness, but the delectable canned meat. There’s more to this oddball food than you think – and it has endured for longer than a can of SPAM’s typical expiry date!


3. Untold Truths of How SPAM Is Really Made

The iconic blue can of Spam has been a staple in pantries for generations. This beloved canned meat was first introduced by Hormel Foods Corporation in 1937, and during World War II it helped keep the troops fed with nutritious meals. In the years since its debut, Spam has become a global phenomenon – being sold in over 100 countries worldwide.


4. Why We Eat: Spam Musubi

Spam Musubi has been an integral part of Hawaii’s culinary culture since the 1940s. Originating as a wartime snack, Spam Musubi quickly grew to become a beloved tradition in Hawaii and beyond. Chef Sheldon Simeon from Tin Roof in Maui takes viewers on a journey back through time to trace the history of this beloved food item.


5. Food History: SPAM

Sushi and Korean “army base stew” may not immediately come to mind when you hear the mysterious acronym “SPAM”. But, people have an remarkable ability to turn even the most unexpected of ingredients into something delicious. SPAM is a prime example of this phenomenon!


6. All About Spam and Easy Spam Breakfast Idea

Spam is more than just a breakfast meal; it’s also the subject of several documentaries. Dive into the fascinating history and culture behind this canned meat with some of these notable films that explore its origin, usage around the world, and business implications.


7. Untold Truths of SPAM

It’s a fascinating story. How could SPAM, a popular canned food brand with decades of history, have its name become synonymous with emails so disliked they needed their own special moniker? It was either change the branding or attempt to reverse public opinion through an extensive marketing campaign – both prospects were daunting.

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