The Watts Family Murders

Jun 2, 2024 | Crime, Videos

On the fateful morning of August 13th, 2018, tragedy struck in Frederick, Colorado. Chris Watts, a seemingly normal husband and father-to-be, committed an unthinkable act – he murdered his pregnant wife Shanann and their two young daughters. For the first time ever, members of the investigative team who secured Watts’ confession have come forward to share their personal accounts of the case as it unfolded.

Shanann and her daughters Bella, aged 4, and Celeste, aged 3 were reported missing on August 13th by a friend who had grown worried after not being able to reach Shanann for over 12 hours. An extensive search was initiated and soon the police began to look into Chris Watts as a suspect. As investigators searched through surveillance footage from nearby businesses and conducted interviews with family members and friends, they began to piece together what happened that morning – Watts had strangled his wife before stuffing her body into a tank at his workplace then drove both of his daughter’s bodies 70 miles away where he buried them in oil tanks near his former employer’s property.

Despite initially denying any involvement in his family’s disappearance during an interview with local media outlets in Colorado Springs, Watts eventually confessed to the murders after investigators presented evidence that incriminated him. Now for the first time ever an incredible new documentary is being released which follows those same investigators as they reveal their personal accounts throughout each major event in this shocking case – from tracking down surveillance footage of Watts disposing of Shanann’s body to securing his confession.


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David B