Cocaine Cowboys 2

Jul 5, 2024 | Crime, Videos

Cocaine Cowboys 2 is the riveting sequel to the original documentary, Cocaine Cowboys. This documentary sheds light on the drug explosion that occurred during the early 1990s in Miami, Florida. At its center is Griselda Blanco, also known as ‘The Cocaine Godmother’ and her most trusted drug dealer and lover, Charles Crosby.

As narrated by Crosby himself, the story of The Cocaine Godmother is a captivating tale of crime, violence and power. It chronicles how Blanco rose from poverty in her native Colombia to become one of the most powerful figures in Miami’s drug underworld. Through compelling interviews with those who knew her best and archival footage from the period, viewers get an inside look at how she ran her empire while simultaneously balancing her love life with Crosby.

Cocaine Cowboys 2 paints a vivid picture of Miami during this time period and all it entailed; from gritty inner-city streets to luxurious high-rise condos filled with cocaine money. It’s an eye-opening look into a world few ever see or understand.

If you want to learn more about this fascinating chapter in history or get an intimate glimpse into what life was like for The Cocaine Godmother and Charles Crosby, then Cocaine Cowboys 2 is a must watch documentary!

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David B