First of all let us define the basic meaning of the termhealth. One of the definitions is that it is the level of functional efficiencyof a living organism. According to the WHO (World Health Organization)definition given in 1947, health is “a state of complete physical, mental, andsocial well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.

Through observation and meticulous study of various stagesof health, mankind discovered that there was a number of ways in which healthcould be affected and an equal number of ways in which that could be remedied.That was the birth of medicine, a science or a practice of the diagnosis,treatment, and prevention of disease. It encompasses a variety of health carepractices evolved to maintain and restore health by the prevention andtreatment of illness. Since that time medicine has ever evolved and theadministrative apparatus followed.

Today, when it comes to health there are many importantissues to consider such as personal health, diet and exercise, nutrition andthe importance of vaccination or dental care. Other significant matters arepublic health and the issues that accompany it or the branches of scienceconcerned with health in general and the health care organization policies.

The documentaries and video materials in this categorycontain all of the relevant information on the issues of health, both mentaland physical, health care systems and the evolution of the health relatedbranches of science.

Follow the incredible story of people with different medicalconditions who venture into the depths of the Amazon in quest for the cure fortheir condition. Discover the truth behind the unethical behavior of theleading pharmaceutical companies and how their sales representatives conductbusiness. Are chemicals that prevent tooth decay, in fact, the cause of aseries of medial issues including infant mortality, congenital defects andother similar conditions?

Find the answers to these questions in a shocking, bookbased, documentary offering evidence to support these claims. Also have achance to see the downside of excessive exercise in aspiring teenagebodybuilders and how this particular lifestyle regime can lead to seriousmedical issues.

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Social Anxiety - Afraid of People
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Mental Health is one of the raging health discussions of the 21st century - Millions of people live everyday in silence and fear of the stigma associated with mental health problems including anxiety ...

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Why Does Fast Food Make You Sick / Fat / Tired / Taste So Good
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This lecture series explores the fast food industry and in particular, why these foods like KFC and McDonalds taste so good, yet seem to have endless negative consequences for your health. Documentary...

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Russell Brand: End the Drugs War
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This hard hitting documentary that Russell Brand made for BBC Three in 2012finished up with him offering proof to the Home Affairs Select Committee.Drawing from his own personal experiences of dru...

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Children of Darkness
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“Children of Darkness”is a 1983 American narrative film created by Ara Chekmayan and Richard Kotuk.It was assigned for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. It was about physically a...

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Back From The Edge
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Back From the Edge offers direction on treating BorderlinePersonality Disorder. Marginal Personality Disorder (BPD) is a relativenewcomer in the field of diagnosable psychiatric disease. The singl...

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  • 6 months ago
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Welcome to the World
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Welcome to the world is an expressive, thrilling and now andagain unsettling view of birth around the globe. Annually, 130 million children are being born. Their life chances are a lottery relying u...

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Living With AIDS
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Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, or AIDS, is a number ofconditions that occur due to the infection with human immunodeficiency virus,or HIV. This virus is transmitted by ha...

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Vegan Diet: The Experiment
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This documentary explores the challenges faced by the people who agreed to convert to a vegan diet in the course of six weeks. After a series of interviews conducted by the directo...

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How To Reverse Diabetes
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Diabetes mellitus, commonly referred to as diabetes, is a group of metabolic diseases in which a high blood sugar level occurs over a prolonged period of time. Some of the symptoms...

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Can GM Food Save The World?
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The film discusses the benefits that GM provides and the dangers associated with it.The world which is witnessing spiraling food prices has again shifted its focus to the problem o...

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