Surviving a Car Crash

Mar 23, 2024 | Health, Science, Technology, Videos

Horizon takes an in-depth look at the remarkable advancements being made to reduce and prevent fatal car crashes. Scientists are pushing the boundaries of mechanical engineering and biology, and Horizon has exclusive access to their secretive world of advanced crash tests.

This groundbreaking new research could have a profound impact on saving lives around the globe. From life-saving technologies, such as intelligent speed assistance, automatic emergency braking systems, and improved airbag designs—engineers are innovating ways to make car crashes a thing of the past.

The documentary explores how crash tests are conducted, what safety measures current cars possess, and what the future holds for automotive safety. Viewers will gain insight into the latest advances in collision avoidance technology and witness first-hand how these innovations can save lives.

Horizon presents this eye-opening documentary that is sure to leave viewers feeling inspired and hopeful about the future of automotive safety. With new developments being made every day, now is the time to get informed about these life-saving advancements and watch Horizon’s documentary!

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David B