Mar 26, 2024 | Health, Sports, Videos

The world of bodybuilding and the culture surrounding it is explored in-depth in the new three-part VICE documentary, SWOLE. It dives into the lives of both professional and amateur bodybuilders, exploring what motivates them to take such extreme measures to achieve their goals. Conversations with experts in the field uncover not only their motivations but also detail why some choose to take steroids.

This documentary brings a firsthand look into the realities of bodybuilding, focusing on the joys and struggles that come with it. We hear from experienced lifters on tactics they’ve learned to keep progressing in an ever-evolving competitive landscape as well as newbies just beginning their journey into fitness. There are plenty of inspiring stories and life lessons shared throughout this series that viewers can relate to regardless if they’re a fitness enthusiast or not.

SWOLE also examines how social media has influenced bodybuilding culture and pushed it further onto the mainstream stage. It offers an eye-opening perspective on how far it’s grown from being something among friends in garages to now having its own professional leagues and contests all around the world.

If you’re looking for a deep dive into the world of bodybuilding culture then SWOLE is definitely worth checking out. From opinions on steroids, struggles with reaching personal bests, or even just getting motivated at home, this documentary covers it all. So don’t miss this opportunity for an intimate look into one of today’s most popular lifestyles – watch SWOLE now!

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David B