The 6 Best Documentaries About Bodybuilding

Nov 2, 2023 | Best Of, Health, Sports

Documentaries are a great way to learn about topics that may otherwise be inaccessible. They provide an in-depth look into how things work, what society is like around the world, and even how our own bodies are engineered. Bodybuilding, in particular, can seem like an intimidating topic at first glance. However, there is so much more to it than meets the eye. With that said, here are some of the best documentaries about bodybuilding to get you started. From inspiring tales to fascinating glimpses into the lives of top bodybuilders, these documentaries will show you a side of the sport you’ve never seen before.


1. Kai Greene: OVERKILL (complete bodybuilding )

Welcome to the world of bodybuilding! On my channel, I’m excited to present what many consider our best work yet – a on the art and science of building up one’s body. We bring you an in-depth look into the physical and psychological transformation that those who pursue their dreams of becoming a successful competitive bodybuilder experience. Aspiring athletes will find an inspiring story in our and gain valuable insight into the devotion, commitment, and dedication required to become a champion bodybuilder. We take you on a journey through the highs and lows of the sport, from grueling training sessions to moments of triumph on stage – we cover it all. Get ready for a captivating exploration of bodybuilding as an art form and discover how remarkable it is to watch as someone transforms their body and mind in pursuit of their goals.


2. Bodybuilding – Arnold Schwarzenegger – The Comeback: Total Rebuild (1980 film)

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s professional bodybuilding career made an impact that lasted for decades after his 1975 retirement. His decade-long reign of dominance, including 6 Mr. Olympia titles, redefined the sport and inspired a new wave of elite athletes to follow in his wake. This awe-inspiring story has been captured on film by some of the most renowned filmmakers, creating a bodybuilding collection that captures the highs and lows of this unique and exhilarating sport. From inspiring profiles of modern-day champions to insightful looks at iconic figures from the past, these documentaries are essential viewing for any fan of bodybuilding.

3. The Hidden Truth About Steroids & the Bodybuilding Supplement Industry

He’s also a well-respected bodybuilding director and producer. He has released a series of hard-hitting films that dive into the fascinating world of competitive bodybuilding with unflinching honesty. His documentaries have brought to life the struggles, triumphs, pain, and glory of these athletes as they strive for greatness in an often unforgiving sport. From the highly acclaimed Pumping Iron, to Generation Iron 1 and 2, this director has captured a deep look into the bodybuilding community. Through his films, he’s shown us the athletes’ relentless dedication and passion to achieve greatness in spite of all odds.


4. Natural Bodybuilding Documentary

List of some of the best documentaries available about bodybuilding. Each touches on different aspects and topics related to bodybuilding, from exploring the history of the sport to showcasing its impact on athletes’ lives today. The Natural Bodybuilding takes viewers through a riveting journey into the world of bodybuilding and features interviews with experts both in and out of the sport. The film follows the rise of bodybuilding as a legitimate sport and reveals how it’s evolved over the years, from its earliest days to its current place in popular culture.


5.  Bodybuilding Documentary – show preparation

I’m sure there are many out there who would love to hear and learn more about the incredible world of bodybuilding. Whether you’re looking for an inside look at how bodybuilders prepare for competition, or just want to gain a better understanding of the sport, these documentaries will be sure to teach you something new. From classic movies like Pumping Iron and Beyond The Iron to more modern productions like Generation Iron and Higher Power, we’ve included a list of the best bodybuilding documentaries that you’ll want to watch. Each film is unique in its own way and showcases the incredible stories of some of the greatest athletes of our time.


6. The PRICE Of Bodybuilding Success Ep. 1

It is not only Ronnie Coleman’s story that provides a deep insight into the world of bodybuilding and strength training. Other documentaries such as ‘Generation Iron’ provide an in-depth look at the modern day bodybuilders and their commitment to their craft, while ‘Bigger, Stronger, Faster*’ gives a revealing look into steroid use in professional sports. These documentaries provide an invaluable insight into the world of bodybuilding, giving us a glimpse into what really goes on in the industry as well as the physical and mental challenges that come with it. By watching them we can gain a greater appreciation for all of those competing and pushing their bodies to the limit

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