The Boy Who Sees Without Eyes

Apr 3, 2024 | Health, Videos

Ben Underwood is an extraordinary individual with a miraculous story. At the tender age of three, Ben lost both of his eyes to retinal cancer and has been completely blind ever since. Yet, despite this disability, Ben has taught himself an incredible technique that has enabled him to “see” without the use of his eyes: echolocation.

By making sharp clicks with his tongue and listening to the echoes which bounce back off objects around him, Ben can accurately locate where objects are in relation to himself. This remarkable ability allows him to move around unaided on a skateboard, shoot basketball hoops with ease and even dodge lamp-posts and parked cars with confidence. It truly is astonishing.

This unusual gift has made Ben somewhat of a celebrity, having already been featured in documentaries such as ‘The Boy Who Sees With His Tounge’ by the National Geographic Channel. The documentary follows his journey and details how he uses his extraordinary skill on a daily basis; highlighting all the incredible feats he is able to accomplish without ever being able to see them.

Ben’s story is truly inspirational and we highly recommend watching this documentary if you want to be amazed by what determination and courage can achieve – regardless of any physical limitations people may have.

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David B