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Apr 7, 2024 | Health, Videos

The documentary, titled “Soylent: The Future Food” focuses on the story of the man behind Soylent – Rob Rhinehart and his journey to create the food of the future. In the documentary, we follow him as he tests living on only Soylent for 30 days straight.

Rob Rhinehart believes that in order to meet an ever-growing population’s need for energy and nutrition, we have to go beyond organic farms and look towards a future that seeks to optimize and improve our current concept of food. This quest led him to develop a total food replacement called Soylent. He documented his experience on his blog as a way to validate the efficacy of his invention.

Soon after it was released online, Soylent became a big hit. To further his project he launched a crowdfunding campaign which raised $800,000 in less than one month. He then created an ambitious team comprised of clever young minds from Silicon Valley, forming what later became known as “Startup Bro”.

This documentary is set to explore how Soylent might be able to change how we eat and its potential implications for humanity going forward. It will also show us first-hand the process by which this revolutionary food is made. We will get an inside look at Rob’s creative genius at work and witness the power of collaboration between him and his young team of innovators.

If you are interested in seeing what lies ahead for humanity when it comes to food production and consumption, then don’t miss “Soylent: The Future Food”! The film promises a fascinating exploration into where our current habits are leading us in terms of nutrition needs, environmental concerns, obesity issues – all while entertainingly introducing us to this incredible invention called Soylent!

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