The 15 Best Documentaries About Norse Mythology And Vikings

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Norse mythology refers to the legends and beliefs of the Scandinavian and Germanic peoples. It is found through Western Europe and is vast and expansive. Nordic people’s same gods were found in Anglo-Saxon Britain, under different names. It is full of complex characters and fascinating stories. So, it’s no surprise why it has seen a revival in popularity in recent years, from Rick Riordan’s Magnus Chase series to Neil Gaiman’s American Gods o Marvel’s Thor movies. For centuries, the myths and legends of Norse mythology have captivated audiences around the world.


Norse Mythology (2021)

Uncovering a world beyond imagination, Norse Mythology delves into the rich tapestry of divinities, legends, and beliefs that have captivated us for centuries. Through vivid storytelling and insightful analysis, Jackson Crawford reveals the profound impact of Norse myths on both ancient and modern cultures.




The Norse: An Arctic Mystery (2012)

The annals of history often credit Christopher Columbus as the first European to encounter Native Americans. However, a recently unearthed narrative presents a different perspective, one that reveals the arrival of another civilization in the New World long before Columbus’ voyage. These were the Norse, an intrepid people originating from Denmark, Norway, and Sweden known for their seafaring prowess and infamous as raiders.




Vikings: Secrets of the Occult (2019)

Discover the untold secrets of the fearless Viking warriors in this captivating documentary. Journey through their conquests and discover the hidden clues left behind in the landscape, waiting to be discovered from a bird’s eye view. Uncover the mysteries of their pagan beliefs and gain insight into their way of life. From fierce raiders to skilled craftsmen, the Vikings were a multifaceted civilization that shaped the course of history. Join us as we delve into their world and unravel the mysteries that have been shrouded in secrecy for centuries.




Vikings: The Lost Realm (2018)

Uncover the mysteries of the Vikings – a world shrouded in secrets and untold stories. Join renowned archaeologist Tim Sutherland as he embarks on a journey through Scandinavia, Estonia, Britain, and beyond to uncover new insights into the lives of these enigmatic people. Prepare to dive deep into a past full of hidden graves, death ships, ancient skeletons, disappearing fortresses, and the mighty Long Ships that ruled the seas.



The Viking Sagas (2011)

When pondering the origins of European civilization, one’s mind naturally wanders to the familiar territories of Greece and Rome. However, there exists a culture whose impact may surpass even those great empires. Many centuries ago, in the distant land of Iceland, the Vikings embarked on a literary journey unlike any other – crafting numerous sagas that have stood the test of time.




The Last Journey of the Vikings (2020)

In this riveting drama-documentary, viewers will uncover the compelling reasons behind the Vikings’ decision to leave their homelands in Denmark. Through captivating re-enactments and state-of-the-art computer generated imagery, renowned experts delve into the complexities of cultural assimilation and the impact of Christianity on these formidable seafarers.



Vikings: The Lost Kingdom (2023)

In the lush fields of Gjellestad, Norway, archaeologists unearthed a remarkable find – a Viking funeral ship, stretching an impressive 20-meters in length and dating back over 1200 years. As they carefully peel back layers of history, questions arise about who rests within this grand vessel and what secrets it holds.





Vikings Unearthed (1974)

The Vikings, known for their fierce warrior reputation and seafaring skills, have long been the subjects of legends and mythologies. But beyond the tales of conquest and exploration lies a deeper truth waiting to be uncovered.





Vikings: Legends at Sea (1995)

Explore the world of the fearless Viking warriors as you journey through their armory, admire their impressive vessels and marvel at the bustling towns they inhabited.



Vikings (2015)

The legacy of the Vikings still echoes through the pages of history, their tales whispered in the winds. Their brutal conquests and mighty battles may be what they are most remembered for, but there is so much more to these seafaring warriors than meets the eye.



Wild Way of the Vikings (1982)

Discover the enchanting world of the Vikings and their deep connection to nature. Through breathtaking footage, Ewan McGregor invites you to join in on an immersive journey that explores the profound relationship between these fierce warriors and the land and sea they called home.





The Best Free Documentaries About Norse Mythology And Vikings


1. Ancient Norse Mythology

Featuring interviews from experts in literature, mythology, and archaeology – this video gives a comprehensive overview of the myths and legends that still remain relevant today. Learn about gods like Thor, Odin, Freya, Loki and more as you traverse through these timeless stories!Discover the secrets of Norse mythology and explore the captivating stories of Vikings in this documentary. Uncover their ancient tales, from epic battles to heroic journeys across distant lands. Featuring interviews with experts in various fields – including literature, archaeology and mythology – you’ll gain a unique insight into these timeless myths that still shape our world today.


2. 1000 AD: A Tour of the Viking World

The film will be narrated by acclaimed historian Dr Sven Erickson who has over 30 years experience researching Viking history and culture. He brings his knowledge to life with vivid descriptions and anecdotes as well as archival footage that brings the Viking age to life. As you travel through time, you’ll also get a glimpse of the various weapons and tools they used, their impressive skills in shipbuilding, and learn about the many fascinating stories associated with Norse mythology.


3. How The Norsemen Became The Seafaring Vikings

They believed in a pantheon of gods and goddesses who granted them power, protection, and destiny. The myths told by these pagans were colourful stories full of gods, monsters, heroes, and villains. But they weren’t just entertaining tales – they also contained important lessons about how to live life with honour and integrity.


4. Ragnarok Documentary

This Ragnarok documentary covers the twilight of the gods known as Ragnarok. It answers who will survive Ragnarok and what happens once the world has ended. The documentary also takes a look at what the gods were like and how they influenced humans in their daily lives. It examines the fate of humanity after Ragnarok and how it would be different from life before.


5. The Tale of Odin

In addition to his physical strength, Odin is believed to have had immense wisdom and knowledge. He was thought to have knowledge of all things, both good and bad. It is said that he sacrificed one of his eyes in order to gain the insight only possible with true understanding.


6. The Tale of Loki Documentary

This Loki documentary tells the tale of Loki, a mischievous and cunning Norse god. It also highlights the cruelest betrayals and mishaps he experienced. He is often seen as someone who is fun-loving with an innocent disposition. However, the documentary delves into deeper questions about Loki’s true character and his motivations. It shows how he often caused chaos for those around him and how sometimes he was even responsible for his own demise.


7. The Tale of Thor Documentary

The documentary talks about the different aspects of Thor’s life, from his birth to his adventures. It also explores Thor’s relationships with his family and other gods, and how he uses Mjölnir to protect people in need. The main point of this documentary is that no matter what you may believe in, there is always strength within us all.


8. The Ancient Sagas of Iceland: The Vikings Sagas

The Vikings Sagas of the Icelanders brings to life one of the oldest written works in European literature. This documentary takes viewers on a journey back in time with an exploration of Icelandic culture and tradition from a Viking point-of-view. Through interviews, archival footage, and stunning animation, this film captures the epic sagas of heroes and gods like Odin, Thor, and Loki as they battle their way through mythic worlds.


9. The Vikings Saga – BBC Norse Paganism Documentary

Experience the epic adventure of the Norse Paganism in this captivating BBC documentary series. Follow a group of archaeologists and historian on their fascinating quest to uncover evidence and secrets behind the ancient religion as they explore artefacts, excavate ancient sites, and examine artwork from Viking artisans. The team will investigate how Norse mythology has influenced modern culture and discover why these seafaring warriors continue to fascinate us to this day. Viewers will gain insight into the heart-pounding sagas of gods and goddesses such as Thor, Freya, Loki, Odin, Hel, Frigg and many more.


10. Norse Mythology Stories: The Essential From Creation to Ragnarok

This Norse mythology documentary details the best Norse myths, from the creation to Ragnarok. It is a valuable documentary to those who are new to Norse mythology. It shows that Norse gods have imperfections rather than being mighty beings that cannot die. It also explains how Vikings interpreted the myths and how they affected their daily lives, giving an interesting insight into a time never seen before.


11. The Viking Afterlife: From Hel to Valhalla

The complexity of Norse mythology and its afterlife have captivated the attention of filmmakers for many years, leading to the creation of some truly charming documentaries about gods, warriors, and legendary realms.


12. Ancient Norse Vikings

Ancient Norse Vikings were renowned for being powerful and fearless warriors, but they also believed in supernatural powers and were deeply rooted in mythology. The best documentaries about Norse mythology and Vikings explore these stories of gods and legendary heroes while uncovering the reality of life during this era. With insights from historians, archaeologists, scholars, and more, these 12 charming documentaries bring the past to life in a captivating way.


13. What Was It Like To Be Raided By The Vikings?

Are you curious about the Viking raids that terrorized Europe? Then this documentary is for you. We’ll explore Norse mythology and its influence on the Middle Ages, as well as their sophisticated navigation methods and remarkable ships. Learn more about what it was like to be raided by Vikings in this amazing documentary! Discover how they used death, destruction and burning down of anything in their way to dominate the oceans for nearly 500 years.


14. Grimfrost Academy – Viking Religion

Grimfrost Academy is an educational documentary series that provides viewers with insight into the Viking Age. Featuring world-leading experts on Norse mythology, this episode explores the importance of religion and magic in Viking culture, as well as the role of ancestors and other invisible forces believed to influence their lives. With its unique approach to exploring a time period often misunderstood or misrepresented, Grimfrost pays homage to those who came before us while providing invaluable knowledge for all interested in Viking history.


15. Units of History – Viking Berserker

The Norse sagas have long been filled with tales of fierce warriors known as Berserkers. These mythological figures were known for their animalistic qualities, uncontrollable rage, and rejection by the community due to their violent tendencies. In this documentary we explore the history behind these legendary warriors and take a look at what kind of weapons and armor they would have used in battle. We also discuss how they were trained, initiated into service, and employed in Viking warfare across the centuries. Finally we examine if there is any truth to some of these myths through modern games such as For Honor or Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Join us on an exciting journey back in time to learn about one of the most infamous units of Viking History!

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