The 12 Best Documentaries About Reincarnation

Oct 8, 2023 | Best Of, Philosophy, Religion

The concept of reincarnation has been a source of curiosity and fascination. But what is it really? How much do we know about life after death? To answer such questions, let’s take a look at some of the best documentaries that explore this intriguing topic – from stories about people who claim to have remembered past lives to scientific investigations into near-death experiences.


My Reincarnation (2011)

Experience the journey of a lifetime through the lens of Emmy Award-winning documentarian Jennifer Fox. My Reincarnation follows the remarkable story of Chägyal Namkhai Norbu, one of the most revered Tibetan Buddhist Masters, and his American-born son, Yeshi. As their lives intersect and intertwine over two decades, witness the struggles and triumphs of family, faith, and cultural identity.






The Life After Death Project 2: Personal Encounters (2013)

Uncover the mysteries of the afterlife in this captivating documentary featuring firsthand testimonies from individuals who have experienced encounters with spirits. From healthcare professionals to everyday people, these accounts will leave you questioning what lies beyond our earthly existence.






The Other Side (2014)

Journey into the unknown with a team of brave explorers as they seek out answers from the other side. Experience the thrill and mystery as they delve into the realm of spirits, guided by indigenous knowledge and intuition. Join Jeff Richards, Michaella Shannon, and Tom Charles on their quest to uncover the truth behind these restless entities.




Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds (2012)

Welcome to the mysterious world of universal connections. In this thought-provoking documentary, we delve into the concept of the vibratory field that binds everything in existence. From ancient philosophers to modern scientists, many have tried to unravel its secrets and understand its true nature.






The Best Free Documentaries About Reincarnation


1. Documentary about life after death

These top documentaries explore fascinating ideas about reincarnation, souls, spirit worlds, and the concept of what happens after death. From engaging with spiritual leaders, to interviewing those who claim past-life memories, to learning about death rituals from around the world – these films are a great way to explore life’s biggest mystery. Whether you’re curious or already believe in reincarnation and the afterlife, you’ll find something here for everyone. Enjoy!

2. Reincarnation of Khensur Rinpoche – BBC Reincarnation Documentary

Follow Khensur Rinpoche’s journey as he searches for his next incarnation. This film also dives into the culture and traditions of Buddhism, giving movie aficionados a look at an age-old religion. Documentary viewers will be captivated by this spiritual story that explores life after death.


3. Buddhist Spiritual Reincarnation Documentary | Looking for A Sign

This powerful documentary by Clemens Kuby will take viewers on an inspiring journey of spiritual transformation. Exploring the death and rebirth of Jamgon Kongtrul, this movie reveals that life is a continuum—transcending death in a way that no longer appears so daunting.


4. Old Documentary about Reincarnation (1981)

This documentary is a must-watch, as it dives deep into the concept of karma and Déjà vu. It examines how some believe that rebirth is possible through reincarnation – where one can be reborn in a lower form while evolving and learning from experiences to ultimately attain enlightenment. Don’t miss out on this thought-provoking documentary!


5. Reincarnation Documentary

Do you believe in reincarnation? This documentary explores the concept of rebirth, karma and Déjà vu. It’s a must-watch for viewers who are interested in learning more about this mysterious phenomenon. Reincarnation is said to be a cycle of evolving and learning through experience, potentially leading to enlightenment – though some don’t remember anything from previous lives.


6. Children’s Past Lives

The Children’s Past Lives explores the phenomenon of reincarnation, with a focus on children who have memories of their previous life. Through an experiment conducted during the movie, viewers witness how these kids try to separate their current life from their past one. This documentary will leave even the most ardent movie aficionados intrigued by its exploration into the mysterious realm of what happens after death.


7. Previous Lives

This documentary explores the concept of reincarnation and after life, featuring stories of people who remember memories from past lives. The video also demonstrates how hypnosis can stimulate imagination rather than memory. An intriguing look into the afterlife, this documentary will leave you with an unforgettable wow-response!


8. The Incredible REINCARNATION STORY of Sunny Ray

It tells the incredible story of an author and his wife, whose son had extraordinary knowledge from a young age that suggested he was reincarnated. Against all odds, it brought him back to the woman from his past life – an amazing journey that will have you glued to your seat!


9. Scientific Evidence of the Afterlife

Dr. Raymond Moody, one of the foremost authorities on Near Death Experiences since the 1970s, provides us with credible accounts and insights into what happens when our bodies die but consciousness continues.


10. Evidence For Reincarnation

The afterlife is said to be a beautiful place where we can reunite with lost loved ones. But how can we ever truly know what happens when we die? In “A Journey Beyond Death”, you’ll be taken on an exploration of near-death experiences and their potential implications for our understanding of reincarnation and the afterlife. From interviews with experts in near-death studies to conversations with people who have been through these occurrences, this film offers a glimpse into the possible afterlives that await us all.


11. Did Humans Just Confirm a Life After Death?

Reincarnation & Afterlife: Exploring the Evidence attempts to uncover evidence for reincarnation and what happens after death. It examines past life regression, near-death experiences, mediums, and even ghosts in an attempt to find answers. This documentary looks at some of the world’s most prolific cases in order to determine if these stories hold any truth. It is an interesting look into this mysterious realm which will give even the most skeptical viewers something to think about.



12. The Reincarnation of Living Buddhas: How is the Dalai Lama chosen

Follow the journey of Tibetan culture, from its ancient roots to its current state. Get a glimpse into the fascinating spiritual beliefs that have been around for centuries! Be sure to watch this incredible documentary about one of Buddhism’s most important figures!


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