The 10 Best Documentaries About Christopher Columbus

Nov 11, 2023 | Best Of, History

Do you ever want to learn more about Christopher Columbus and his voyage that shaped the world? Documentaries are a great way to explore history in an engaging way. From interviews with experts to vivid reenactments of key events, these documentaries offer thought-provoking perspectives on Columbus’ life and expeditions. Here are some of our top picks for the best documentaries about Christopher Columbus. Let your imagination run free as you explore the history of this great explorer through these captivating and informative films!


1. Secrets & Mysteries Of Christopher Columbus (2018)

This documentary invites viewers to join a quest as we unravel some of the world’s most mysterious questions surrounding Christopher Columbus. From his daring expeditions and voyages across the Atlantic, to the way he navigated uncharted waters with confidence—it’s time to explore all the secrets, discoveries, and even rumors that have developed over centuries. Get ready to uncover.


2. The Dark And Twisted Psychology Of Christopher Columbus | Great Adventurers

Have you ever wondered what drove Christopher Columbus to risk his life in a voyage across the ocean? The Dark And Twisted Psychology Of Christopher Columbus | Great Adventurers brings viewers on an exploration of Columbus’ motivations, and how his ambition and drive made him one of the most iconic figures in history. Through interviews with historians, authors, scholars, and experts this.


3. Christopher Columbus Documentary

For those looking to learn more about Christopher Columbus and the events that shaped his life, there is no better way than by watching one of the many documentaries available on him. The great explorer and navigator’s voyages across seas opened up new worlds and horizons for Europeans, making him an iconic figure in history.

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4. Is Christopher Columbus Who We Think He Is? | Secrets And Lies Of Columbus

Is Christopher Columbus Who We Think He Is? | Unveiling The Truth Of The Legendary ExplorerChristopher Columbus is a name that stands out in the annals of history, and his legacy has been shaped by stories and myths. But what is the truth about this legendary explorer? Through interviews with historians and experts on the subject of exploration, this documentary.


5. Christopher Columbus: Bad Explorer, Great Conman

Christopher Columbus, a name that has become synonymous with exploration and discovery. But what is the truth about this Italian explorer? Was he really a great discoverer or was he more of a cunning conman? A closer look into his life leads to some interesting discoveries.Documentaries about Christopher Columbus reveal his voyage’s true intents. Rather than simply seeking out.


6. The Real Truth About Christopher Columbus | Secrets & Mysteries Of Christopher Columbus

Discover the Real Story of Christopher Columbus | Uncovering Secrets & Mysteries Of The World’s Most Famous Explorer From his monumental voyage to the New World to his controversial legacy, there are still many mysteries and secrets surrounding Christopher Columbus. Now, for the first time ever, viewers can explore this enigmatic figure through a series of immersive documentaries that reveal the real truth behind some.


7. Biography of Christopher Columbus, Italian master navigator who discovered America


8. Debunking the Lies About Christopher Columbus One by One | Michael Knowles | POLITICS

Demystifying the Myths Behind Christopher Columbus | Michael Knowles | HISTORYIt’s no secret that Christopher Columbus’ legacy is shrouded in controversy. From his lasting impact on Native American culture to his discovery of the Americas, many myths have arisen about the explorer and his actions. In this documentary, Michael Knowles examines these myths one by one in an effort.


9. Christopher Columbus: The Discovery (1992) Benico Del Torro, Marlon brando, Tom Sellick.

Christopher Columbus is a legendary figure in the world’s history. His journey of discovery was both groundbreaking and risky. In 1992, director John Glen released the film Christopher Columbus: The Discovery, starring Benico Del Torro, Marlon Brando and Tom Selleck. This documentary explores the life of one of our most iconic explorer-heroes – his courage.


10. Christopher Columbus: A First Hand Account of His First Voyage to the New World, Part 1

Christopher Columbus stands as a powerful icon from the early age of exploration. His first voyage to the New World in 1492 is still celebrated over 500 years later and his legacy has been remembered through books, movies, television programs and documentaries. Today you can watch an array of Christopher Columbus documentaries to gain a firsthand account into one of the most interesting figures in history.

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