The 10 Best Documentaries About Sweden

Oct 5, 2023 | Best Of, Culture, Geography, Nature

Sweden is known for its stunning natural beauty and its unique culture. Many travelers come to Sweden simply to experience the wonders of this fascinating country. But beyond exploring the Swedish outdoors, many visitors find that there’s a deeper story to be told about this nation – one that can be best told through captivating documentaries. From Sweden’s history and wildlife to its culture and cuisine, there are plenty of documentaries to explore for a deeper understanding of this amazing country. In this list, we’ve curated some of the best documentaries about Sweden that you can watch now.


1. Central Sweden – A Trip to the Country and its People

Experience the beauty and tranquillity of Central Sweden with Heidi Andersson, a world champion arm wrestler. From her rural village of Ensamheten to the bustling city of Stockholm, you’ll be taken on an exploration into Swedish culture and lifestyle. Enjoy picturesque views of dense forests and sparkling lakes as you get to know Heidi and her friends who work together to support their community. Learn about the unique sport of arm wrestling and watch firsthand as Heidi puts her championship skills to the test, competing for honor and bragging rights in this unusual pastime.


2. Sweden: the gun violence capital of Europe

Sweden: the gun violence capital of Europe and its radical solutions. Dateline takes a hard look at how Sweden has transformed from peaceful, law-abiding nation to the unlikely gun violence capital of Europe. As gangs and drugs continue to push up crime rates, we investigate the bold measures proposed by policy makers that could bring lasting change. From increased police presence to better mental health support, we uncover whether these radical solutions have the power to break the cycle of violence and re-establish Sweden as a safe and prosperous place.


3.Welcome: Sweden’s rise of the right

Sweden is a nation that has traditionally been seen as politically progressive and welcoming to immigrants. However, in recent years the influx of migrants has caused a swift shift to the right. CBS Reports examines this change with an original documentary by Adam Yamaguchi that explores how migration is reshaping Sweden. Viewers will experience the stories of those on the forefront of this societal change. They will be able to examine how Sweden is responding, and the implications it has for the rest of the world. This thoughtful look into a nation in flux provides viewers with an engaging and informative experience.


4. Preppers: Sweden bracing for the worst

Sweden is no stranger to the threat of war and aggression, which makes it important for its citizens to be prepared. To ensure that everyone is adequately prepared for a potential disaster, the Swedish government is encouraging its citizens to become “preppers”. Prepping involves collecting supplies in case of emergency, such as food, water, medical items and shelter. It’s an essential measure to ensure that if the worst were to happen, Swedes would be ready. With the recent Russian invasions into Ukraine casting a shadow of uncertainty on Europe, Sweden is taking prepping seriously and striving to get its citizens prepared for any eventuality.


5. Central Sweden – Where the moose is at home

Heidi Andersson lives in the village of Ensamheten, which, being situated 150 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle and at the top of Norway’s border, is quite aptly named ‘Loneliness’. In spite of their isolated location, the people there have found ways to stick together: they work in agriculture and forestry; they practice the same sport, arm-wrestling; and they even have an eight time world champion among them – Heidi. Through her passion for arm-wrestling, she has found joy in her seemingly lonely life. Central Sweden is a place where the moose feels right at home, but it is also a place of great strength and courage amongst its people.


6. Wild Baltic Sea – Between Finland and Sweden

Discover the beauty of a remote corner of Scandinavia in Wild Baltic Sea – Between Finland and Sweden. This documentary series reveals the wild, largely unexplored region between Finland and Sweden, that is home to countless creatures both on land and sea. Flying squirrels soar through the skies, millions of fish swim below the surface and brown bears roam freely across its majestic landscape. Join this unique journey to the far reaches of the Bay of Bothnia and immerse yourself in its beauty.


7. Moose – Giants of Sweden’s Forests

Climate change is a threat to the majestic Moose of Sweden. Öland, an island off the coast of the country is bearing witness to this concerning trend. For some time now, moose calves have been dying shortly after birth and nobody knows why. But one thing is sure – someone needs to do something about it. Enter the moose detective. He is the country’s go-to expert and has been called to Öland in order to solve this mystery. After following various leads, he discovers that climate change is at least partly responsible for the plight of the moose calves.


8. Sweden: Migrants at Point Zero

For those interested in learning more about the plight of migrants, look no further than Sweden: Migrants at Point Zero. This powerful documentary delves into unprecedented access to a Swedish border town and explores the truth behind what happens when immigrants reach this point of entry. Through interviews with both locals and newly-arrived migrants, we get an intimate view of how the process of integration works and how it is perceived by those affected. Viewers will gain insight into the struggles of cultural clashes, economic pressures, and moral dilemmas faced on both sides. With in-depth research and honest conversations, Sweden: Migrants at Point Zero provides a thought-provoking look at immigration from all perspectives.


9. Why people in Sweden are happier than we are.

What does it mean to be happy? Is Sweden the answer? In this episode, we’ll explore the secret of Scandinavian happiness and use Sweden as an example. We’ll look at its economy, jobs, lifestyle and salaries – plus investigate why Swedes take fewer antidepressants than other countries around the world. Learn more about “lagom” – a Swedish term that is so important to its people – and find out why it has a positive impact on individuals and society. Discover if the Swedish way of life could be a potential blueprint for happiness, no matter where you live.


10. The Coast That Keeps On Rising – A Journey Along Sweden’s Höga Kusten

Explore the breathtaking Höga Kusten in Sweden, a region that has been rising since the last Ice Age. With small and large islands along the Gulf of Bothnia, this hilly Baltic Sea landscape is home to untouched nature and dense forests. Embark on a journey with energetic islanders as your guide, revealing an idiosyncratic way of life that stretches back thousands of years. Feel the power of history in this rustic corner of Europe, and be enchanted by its diverse array of landscapes. From vibrant seaside towns to lush forests, the Höga Kusten is sure to captivate your entire family.

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