The word nature is derived from the Latin term “natura”literally translated as birth. The all encompassing definition of nature is thenatural, physical or material world or universe. Nature is the phenomenon thataccompanies the physical world. On a larger scale it varies from subatomic tothe cosmic. Nature may also refer to the general realm of various types ofliving plants and animals, and in some cases to the processes associated withinanimate objects such as the weather.

In other contexts,the variation of the word “nature”, such as “natural” is commonly used todescribe the opposite of unnatural, supernatural or synthetic. Today the termis commonly associated with geology and wildlife.

In order for us to be able to study the natural occurrencesand its elements, we have devised a categorization according to the propertiesof those elements. The primary categories are Earth, atmosphere, climate andweather, water, ecosystems, life, matter and energy. Every prime category hasan internal division into specific areas, e.g. water is categorized intooceans, lakes, rivers, ponds and streams.

The documentaries and video materials compiled in thiscategory are concerned with the above mentioned occurrences and other variousnatural phenomena.

Witness the efforts of an environmental activist, who riskedhis wellbeing and confronted the law, to save one little part of our planet`slungs. The documentary “Among Giants” follows the story of this brave man andhis incredible mission.

See what happens when humans abandon their habitat and allthat is left behind are manmade structures. The ecosystem of that place beginsthe slow process of recovery and the entire flora and fauna can flourishwithout human interference. The city of Chernobyl has, accidentally, becomesuch a place.

Discover how the Earth, as we know it today, came to exist.From the lifeless rocky surface encircled with boiling lava to the living andbreathing green paradise with the abundance of life. The dramatic story of howthe Earth was made is still going on.

The expedition lead by Paul Rose goes into the depths of theworld`s oceans. See what extraordinary discoveries they made and enjoy thebeautiful flora and fauna of the ocean.

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Secrets of a Black Hole
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This 2015 Documentary tackles perhaps the most mysterious and awe-inspiring phenomenon in space (aside from the possibility of aliens and extra-terrestrial life!) - The black hole. They possess immens...

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This documentary was released in 2013 and it is looking into the life of killer whales living in captivity. The director of this extraordinary film is Gabriela Cowperthwaite. It premiered on the Su...

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The End of the Amazonia
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Figuratively titled, The End of the Amazonia is concentrating particularly on the mouth of the waterway in the lower Amazon,where it purges into the Atlantic Ocean. Scope starts on the angling group...

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Permaculture: A Quiet Revolution
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On the eighth International Permaculture Convergence morethan 200 permaculture plan course graduates and their guides have assembled inBrazil. Together, they unite 43 nations in the normal objecti...

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Pirate Fishing
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The valuable marine assets of a portion of the world'spoorest individuals are being focused by mechanical scale privateer anglingoperations, to encourage the fish hungry markets of Europe and Asia...

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The Last Lioness
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Liuwa Plain National Park is home to Lady Liuwa, the subjectof Aquavision's narrative, "The Last Lioness." Following the turmoilof the Angolan war, poaching and unlawful trophy chasing wrecked the...

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Origins of Us
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Dr Alice Roberts uncovers how your body recounts the accountof human advancement. The way you look, think and carry on is a result of a 6million year battle for survival. We ha...

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Heavyweights with Unexpected Skills
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Amazingly delightful yet deadly to all life is the furthestnorth of Szpicbergen. Walruses are accustomed to this extreme terrain andweather conditions in the wilderness. They k...

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The Botany of Desire
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The Botany of Desire is a well made PBS narrative adjustmentof Michael Pollan's book talking about mankind's cooperations with fourseparate plants-the apple, the potato, the tu...

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Green Gold
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In conjunction with VPRO, a Dutch public broadcastingcompany, and the Backlight program, this documentary follows John D. Liu as hecrosses the globe recording and motivating ex...

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