Apr 6, 2024 | Nature, Videos

Life is an awe-inspiring documentary series that captures the incredible strategies and behaviors that living creatures have evolved to survive. Produced by BBC Nature, the show was filmed over four years in beautiful high definition and features 10 episodes that each last about 50 minutes. These episodes delve into the lives of some of the most intriguing species on planet earth, from plants to a variety of animals with fascinating behaviors.

The series begins with an introduction to Life’s focus on the “struggle for existence” and then goes on to explore how different animals have adapted and thrived in their respective environments. Each episode also includes a ten minute “making-of” feature called “Life on Location,” giving viewers even more insight into how this series was created.

Not only is Life entertaining and educational, but it also has received a great deal of recognition for its production quality. The series was co-produced by BBC Natural History Unit, Discovery Channel, Skai TV, and Open University. It has been broadcasted internationally under the BBC Earth brand and distributed by BBC Worldwide. It has also been extremely popular among Latin American broadcasters as well as Discovery Channel Canada where it made its North American debut in November 2009.

Whether you’re already familiar with animal behavior or are simply looking for something new and exciting to watch, Life provides an exquisite viewing experience that will leave you wanting more. With amazing visuals and insightful commentary about our planet’s creatures, Life is sure to be a hit with everyone who watches!

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David B