Know your Mushrooms

Mar 30, 2024 | Nature, Videos

Know Your Mushrooms is an incredible documentary by director Ron Mann that takes us on a fascinating journey into the secret world of fungi. Through interviews with renowned mycologists Gary Lincoff and Larry Evans, the film reveals the remarkable ways that fungi can be used to benefit our planet, from cleansing sites polluted by toxins to providing a “clean” pesticide for pest control.

The documentary also highlights the mysterious beauty of mushrooms, exploring their evolution over millions of years in vivid animation and archival footage. Accompanied by an appropriate soundtrack from The Flaming Lips, Know Your Mushrooms offers viewers a unique window into this little-known realm. From its origins at the annual Telluride Mushroom Festival, the film has become an international sensation thanks to its captivating blend of scientific insight and imaginative visuals.

Knowing about mushrooms isn’t just interesting – it’s essential for understanding the complex ecology of our planet. So why not take a trip to explore one of nature’s most mysterious miracles? Experience the wonders of Know Your Mushrooms today!

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David B