Mar 4, 2024 | Nature, Videos

Sharkwater, an award-winning documentary filmed in high definition video, takes viewers on a fascinating exploration of some of the world’s densest shark populations. The film exposes the exploitation and corruption of the shark-hunting industry occurring in marine reserves across Cocos Island, Costa Rica and the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.

This groundbreaking documentary features captivating footage of the majestic creatures as they navigate their underwater habitat. It also sheds light on how unregulated and illegal fishing practices have contributed to a sharp decline in the numbers of these majestic creatures. As Sharkwater draws attention to this alarming issue, it encourages viewers to take action against such injustice.

Given the imminent threat posed by overfishing and other human activities, Sharkwater is an essential watch – not only for its breath-taking cinematography but for its important message: that we must protect our oceans’ inhabitants to preserve their fragile ecosystem and hence prevent further environmental degradation. Featuring compelling interviews from renowned marine biologists and conservationists, this eye-opening film offers a unique insight into a world virtually unknown to us – one that we must take action to protect.

So if you’re looking for an informative yet captivating viewing experience combined with a strong sense of environmental stewardship, be sure to watch Sharkwater!

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David B