Living amongst Gorillas

Apr 18, 2024 | Nature, Videos

The remote Central African Republic is home to a majestic and gentle species of gorilla – the silverback Makumbas. World-renowned zoologist Angelique Todd, nicknamed the ‘Gorilla Whisperer’ for her close connection with this incredible species, has dedicated her life to spending time in their habitat and observing their behavior.

Fortunately, filmmaker Thomas Behrend was able to experience the beauty and majesty of these creatures first-hand by making a perilous eight hour drive deep into the jungle. His journey was captured in The Jungle Adventure: Living amongst Gorillas, a compelling documentary that showcases the remarkable bond between humans and gorillas that can be achieved with patience, respect and dedication.

In the film, we get an insight into how students, scientists and explorers from around the world make regular trips to witness these unique creatures in their natural environment. We learn that they are far from hostile to humans; rather, they have become accustomed to their presence in their habitat. This is evidenced by Angelique Todd’s compassionate care of gorillas that require medical attention due to illness or injury.

Not only does The Jungle Adventure provide us with unparalleled access to these incredible animals; it also conveys the harshness of the environment that those working in its preservation must endure. We see teams of intrepid explorers sleeping in rudimentary camps hidden deep within the depths of the jungle, surrounded by dangerous insects and unrelenting tropical diseases. And then there are also elephants which roam freely throughout the region – animals who are decidedly less receptive than gorillas when it comes to human visitors!

Living amongst Gorillas captures a powerful sense of purpose shared by all involved – whether it be conservationists like Angelique Todd or filmmakers like Thomas Behrend – of endeavoring to understand this rare species while simultaneously documenting our own place amongst them. By watching this film, you too can share in this mission as well as enjoy an unforgettable adventure through one of Earth’s last untamed places.

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David B