The Best Documentaries About Gorillas

Aug 13, 2023 | Animals, Best Of

Once upon a time, there was a species that captured the hearts and minds of all who observed them – gorillas. They have long been admired for their intelligence, strength, and majestic beauty. Documentaries about these fascinating creatures have given us an in-depth look at their lives in the wild. From getting to know individual gorillas up close to learning the important roles they play in their environment, watching these films can be a rewarding and educational experience.


Gorillas Under Stress (2023)

In recent years, the mountain gorilla population has shown a promising increase, surpassing 1000 individuals in the wild. This is certainly an encouraging development, but it also presents a new set of challenges. As these magnificent creatures continue to thrive, their limited habitats are increasingly threatened by human encroachment and development.






Saving Gorillas – Giving Nature a Voice (2019)

As the sun rises over Volcanoes National Park, Dr. Gaspard and his team of Gorilla doctors prepare for their daily mission – to heal and protect the delicate giants of the forest. Each day brings new challenges, from broken limbs to snares set by ruthless poachers. But these dedicated rangers will stop at nothing to save their charges, risking their own safety to ensure the survival of these magnificent creatures.






Gorillas of Gabon (2019)

Prepare to be amazed as you are taken on a journey through the dense rainforests of Gabon, where a team of dedicated conservationists are working tirelessly to save the natural habitat of its precious inhabitants – the gorillas. This is not just any ordinary race, but one against time.






Koko: The Gorilla Who Talks (2016)

In the early 1970s, a young graduate student by the name of Penny Patterson embarked on an unconventional endeavor – teaching sign language to a gorilla. This groundbreaking experiment would go on to defy expectations and captivate the world for over 50 years.






Bama and the Lost Gorillas (2014)

Join Alfred Bama, a dedicated animal keeper from Cameroon, on a remarkable journey. He has developed an unbreakable bond with “Nyango,” a rare Cross River gorilla in his care – the only one of its kind in captivity worldwide. Once thought to be lost forever, this species was recently rediscovered. Now, Bama’s mission is to find Nyango’s wild family and safeguard them from harm.







The Best Free Documentaries About Gorillas


1. Gorilla Documentary – Gorillas: 98.6% Human | Explore Films

From the mystical hills of Rwanda to an unforgettable experience with gorillas, Charlie Annenberg of Explore guides us on a journey into wild and captivating terrain. Craig Sholley – conservation expert from African Wildlife Foundation – joins him every step of the way, revealing stories about efforts to protect these incredible animals. Follow along as they provide a unique perspective on the beauty of the gorilla’s natural habitat and the excitement of a close encounter with one of nature’s most impressive species.


2. Gorillas – Kings of the jungle

Makumba, a silverback gorilla from Central African Republics Dzanga-Sangha National Park, lives with his family amongst more than 3000 western lowland gorillas. Animal videographer Thomas Behrend has had the unique opportunity to observe Makumba and his family over several long months in the wild. From footage of playful young gorillas to Makumba’s frustrations with a disobedient mate, Behrend has captured unique insights into the life of a lowland gorilla family.


3. This Movie About Gorillas In Zaire took SEVEN Years To Make

Mountain Gorilla is an incredible insight into the fascinating lives of wild gorillas living in Zaire, one of Africa’s most beautiful yet politically unstable regions. For over seven years, cameraman Bruce Davidson followed a tribe of gorillas, capturing their personalities and daily activities on film. This remarkable family saga follows the group through various themes including death, adolescence, jealousy, and parenthood.


4. Wildlife Documentary – Full HD – Gorillas in the Wild

Are you looking to stay up-to-date with the world around us? If so, subscribing to our channel is the perfect way to do it! Here, we bring you captivating documentaries that explore the beauty of gorillas and their environment. Our films offer a unique look into some of nature’s most precious creatures and can help us better understand our place in the grand scheme of things.


5. The Lives Of The Rwandan Mountain Gorillas | Gorillas From The Heart Of Darkness | Real Wild

As a result of the conflict in Rwanda, the Mountain Gorilla’s environment was highly endangered. We explore how this conflict had drastic effects on the primate and its habitat. Through interviews with experts and locals, we uncover how war has impacted the conservation of these majestic creatures. We also look at some of the innovative techniques being used to restore their population. From reforestation projects to the reintroduction of gorillas into their natural habitats, we examine how people from across the world are coming together to give these creatures a second chance at life.


6. Observing The Generations Of A Gorillas Family | Mountain Gorilla: A Shattered Kingdom

This captivating story of the majestic yet gentle giants, gorillas, is a captivating exploration of family life in the wilderness. Featuring themes such as death, adolescence, jealousy and parenting – this documentary offers an insight into both the beautiful tranquility of nature, and man’s tumultuous politics effecting that peace. We experience first-hand how animals interact with one another and the environment around them, as well as the daily struggles of a species coexisting with humans.


7. Gorillas: The Gentle Giants | Free Documentary Nature

Makumba the silverback, leader of his family of western lowland gorillas in Dzanga-Sangha National Park, is followed by animal videographer Thomas Behrend for months. During this time, Behrend captures rare footage that gives us an insight into the life and relationships of Makumba’s family. We see the young ones playing, the silverback’s frustrations, and Behrends own discoveries of life in the jungle.


8. Saving The Last Silverback Mountain Gorillas From Extinction | Gorilla Doctors | Real Wild

Nestled in the lush Virunga national park, Dr. Mike Cranfield and his team of gorilla doctors are working to preserve the endangered mountain gorillas in Africa. Using their medical expertise, they check up on the primates, administer treatments such as medication, and even perform surgery if necessary. It’s an incredible undertaking that is sure to have a positive impact on the species for years to come.


9. The Last of The Cross River Gorillas | Bama And The Lost Gorillas | Real Wild

Nyango is a rare female Cross River Gorilla who is one of the last of her species. Native to Cameroon, these gorillas live in the high mountains and are critically endangered. Take a journey across the country to explore Nyango’s natural habitat! Discover for yourself what life is like for this ancient species – from their behaviors and social interactions, to the incredible landscapes they inhabit. Witness the beauty and majesty of these creatures as you explore their world, and learn why it’s so important to protect them.


10. Wild Mountain Gorillas Documentary: Fighting to Survive!

It’s estimated that only 700 mountain gorillas remain on Earth. Nearly half of these majestic creatures call the Virunga Mountains in central Africa home. Located along the Rwanda, Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo border, this green, volcanic region is truly beautiful…yet sadly marred by human violence. The gorillas have suffered greatly due to this conflict; their numbers are dwindling, and we must do all we can to preserve these animals from extinction.


11. The Doctors Treating Endangered Mountain Gorillas | Our World

Gorillas have been embroiled in a myth of ferocity for years, with the iconic King Kong movie only further cementing this narrative. While this fierce reputation has not kept them from the harm inflicted by poachers and zoos, it does offer us a unique insight into their behavior. We see in King Kong that these magnificent creatures are capable of both immense strength and great tenderness. This dichotomy is what makes watching gorillas in documentaries so captivating. From their close family ties to their gentle interactions with their environment, we can learn a lot about them through these films.


12. Among Mountain Gorillas

I’m proud to be the director of Karisoke Research Centre, a place that is home to three magnificent gorilla families. I captured an incredible documentary that delves into their lives and unique behaviour. This insightful program has won numerous prestigious awards, showcasing its captivating portrayal of these stunning creatures. From fascinating scenes in their natural habitat right up close with their everyday routines, you’ll be enthralled by this extraordinary story. Come and experience the world of Karisoke for yourself. You won’t regret it!


13. Gorillas Documentary

Gorillas are magnificent, powerful beasts that can be seen in their natural habitats engaging in various activities. From fighting to mating and dancing, these primates never fail to fascinate us with their strength and agility. National Geographic has even filmed documentaries of gorillas doing some of these things up close and personal! Bruno Mars once sang about raining gorillas and “Gorillas In The Mist” is a classic movie that follows the life of Dian Fossey, a scientist who dedicated years to studying these creatures.


14. Meeting elderly GORILLAS | Animal Park | Zoo Documentary | Reel Truth Earth

A pride of lions is on the prowl through the African savanna, their mighty roar echoing across the plains. Meanwhile, a microscopic world of minuscule creatures inhabit Pets Corner, and a clan of senior gorillas congregate around the television set to catch up on their favorite shows. The majestic lions are too large to hide in plain sight but they manage to slink in and out of the shadows to stay inconspicuous.

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