The 9 Best Documentaries About Volcanoes

Oct 6, 2023 | Best Of, Environmental

It is no secret that volcanoes fascinate us. From their power to cause catastrophic destruction to the beauty of watching an eruption from afar, volcanoes are a source of curiosity and awe. For those looking to learn more about these geological wonders, documentaries offer an incredible way to explore their history and impact on the world. Here is a list of some of the best documentaries about volcanoes that are sure to provide an enlightening and educational experience. From the classic 1959 Italian documentary La terra trema to modern releases like Into The Fire, these volcanoes films will give you a deeper appreciation for this incredible phenomenon of nature.


1. The volcano eruption on La Palma

On 19 September 2021, the beautiful island of La Palma was stricken with a powerful force of Nature. A volcanic eruption so potent, it would go down in history as one of the longest recorded eruptions in the region. The devastating event could be seen from miles away – an impressive demonstration of how unpredictable and dangerous volcanoes can be. Local residents were left in shock as the eruption continued for days, spewing out lava and forcing them to flee their homes. It was an event that will never be forgotten by those who experienced it.


2. Witness the Volcanoes of Hawai’i (Full Episode) | America’s National Parks

Dive into the fiery heart of Hawai‘i and explore the National Park that is home to some of the world’s most active volcanoes. View stunning footage of their eruptions, feel like you’ve been transported to this place of natural wonders, and discover why it holds such an important place in Hawaiian culture and faith. Learn about powerful geological processes at work, and follow the story of a place where life has sprung from fire. Take an unforgettable journey to one of America’s most unique national parks and witness this wild land in all its glory.


3. The Power of Volcanoes | Full Science Documentary – Part 1

Have you ever wondered what kind of power a volcano holds? From its origins in ancient mythology to the modern day, volcanoes have sparked fear and awe throughout human history. This full science documentary explores the mysteries behind volcanic activity. Uncover clues found in Europe, Greenland and even the far side of the world that point to a forgotten super volcano! Experience an unprecedented look at the power of nature. Learn how volcanoes have shaped our world since the dawn of time and discover what modern science has to say about their potential future effects


4. Deadliest Volcanoes /// History Channel Documentary

Explosive power, destructive potential, and a ticking time bomb: Deadliest Volcanoes takes you on an incredible journey through the most dangerous volcanoes in the world. From Iceland’s massive caldera to the rumbling of San Salvador’s Santa Ana Volcano, this documentary from The History Channel shows never-before-seen footage of volcanic eruptions and reveals the science behind these natural disasters. Join volcanologists and risk experts as they explore the most potentially devastating sites on Earth – all in an effort to save lives and protect property when disaster strikes. As you experience first-hand the might of nature, you will gain a greater understanding of how even a small eruption can lead to catastrophic consequences.


5. Earth’s Deadliest Volcanoes | Mega Disaster

Earth’s Most Devastating Volcanoes | A Tale of Horror Volcanoes can be some of the most powerful and destructive forces on our planet. From devastating lava flows to deadly ash clouds, these eruptions have caused untold amounts of destruction throughout history. This documentary will tell the tales of some of these earliest disasters, including the obliteration of Pompeii and the devastation wreaked on Hawaii’s Big Island. Explore how these horrible eruptions changed people’s lives and shaped our understanding of volcanoes. From ancient myths to modern-day research, we take a look at the science behind these natural disasters and how they can affect us all.

6. The most dangerous volcano in the world

The Masaya volcano in Nicaragua has been an awe-inspiring source of amazement and fear for over 3 decades. An incredible eruption back in the early days left a vast desert scape that still stands today. But, life returns to this land each time the volcano spews lava, ash and gas – offering a reminder that even out of the most devastating occasions, new beginnings can arise. The Masaya volcano is a testament to the power of nature, and a reminder that we should never take it for granted.


7. A Volcano Odyssey | Documentary

Take a journey into the unknown and discover how large igneous provinces (LIPs) can cause massive destruction, but also help spur the growth of new life forms. From Iceland to Germany, LIPs have been present throughout history. The most recent eruption happened just 10,000 years ago – a storm of lava that spread through an area the size of France and filled the atmosphere with poisonous gas. But, out of the destruction came life too. Follow this documentary and learn about how these deadly volcanoes have shaped our history in unexpected ways, and what they may still have in store for us.

8. Our Universe’s Most Volatile Volcanoes | Volcanic

Explore the fury of volcanoes from land, sea and space. Uncover the secrets of the awe-inspiring power of Mother Nature as we dive into Earth’s most explosive geological features. See amazing eruptions up close and uncover what lies beneath as our experts reveal how these magnificent creatures can shape entire landscapes. Witness spectacular ice-capped volcanoes in motion, get intimate with fiery fountains in space and follow the power of these incredible forces as they create, destroy and shape our planet. Take a journey of discovery through Earth’s most awe-inspiring volcanic systems, from ancient times to the present day.


9. Natural Disaster – History’s Most Destructive Volcanoes National Geographic Documentary

The power of the volcano has been displayed time and again throughout history. From Mount Vesuvius to Krakatoa, these natural disasters have caused untold destruction in their wake. National Geographic Documentary is here with a comprehensive look at some of the most devastating volcanic eruptions ever recorded. We journey through time to explore the science behind volcanoes, the effects of their eruptions, and the resilience of those who have been affected. Get ready for a thrilling look at some of nature’s most destructive forces!

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